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How Improve Food Photography – A Starter Guide

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Have you ever tried taking photographs of the food that you cook? Food photography seems to be a very easy type of photography to many people just because you are taking photos of food.

On the contrary, it is one of the types of photography that requires you to be very keen. For you to perfect food photography, you will also be required to take it seriously and accept the challenges you find on your way.

By doing this, you will have the will to learn and become a better food photographer. Several tips can help you in improving your food photography skills. For you to use the tips, you must know your mistakes so that you can identify where things go wrong.

The following are 6 tips that will help any food photographer to improve their food photography skills.

1. Use natural light

Light is one of the important things that you require when you are taking photographs. In other types of photography, you can use any type of light, but when it comes to food photography, natural light is the best.

The good thing with natural light is that it can be controlled and hence it is best. Food photography will always be attractive when you use soft light. For this reason, always avoid using your camera flashes when you are taking food photography.

You must also make are that you have the right tools that you can use in controlling the amount of light during your food photography so that you do not have a hard time. Using natural light will prevent you from having images that have shadows of your food or plates.

2. Choose your food wisely

Many food photographers think that every delicious food will look delicious in photographs. This is not true. At times food can be delicious, but the photograph you take of that food will say otherwise.

You must make sure that when you are choosing the food to shoot, you get the best food. The color of the food that you choose is one of the factors that you will need to consider when doing food photography.

To become the best food photographer, make sure that you select the food that looks attractive on the plate.  You can also select foods that have different colors instead of single-colored food.

3. Take photographs from different angles

The other tip that will help you in your food photography is taking your food photographs from different angles.  You will need to make the activity fun for you to take the best photographs. For this reason, consider playing with different angles.

As you move around the food that you are shooting, it will be easier for you to locate the angle in which your food looks best from your camera. This is why you will need to try taking photographs from down low, up high, and any other angle you want.

At a time, using one angle may make you miss something on the plate, but when you try different angles, you will have the ability to capture everything.

4.  Use props and plates

In most cases, the type of food that you are photographing has a story behind it. At times, it may be a family meal, kid’s foods, traditional foods, wedding foods, anniversaries, or even dietary foods.

You will need your photographs to tell the story clearly without anyone talking. This is why you will need to select the best plates and props for your food. The plates and props that you choose should have the same theme as your food.

5. Invest in the best camera for food photography

One thing that you need to understand as a food photographer is that there are cameras that are specifically designed for food photography.

For this reason, in case you are looking forward to being one of the best food photographers, you need to be more than willing to invest in the best camera for food photography. You may find other cameras that may capture good photographs, but it is always best for you to have a camera for the type of photography that you engage in.

6. Use a tripod

In case you are not used to taking photographs for long hours, you may get tired very fast. At times, your hands can also shake as you take your photos. This can affect the quality of the photographs that you take.

This is why you are advised to use a tripod for food photography cameras. Tripods will help you take pictures from different angles without having any challenges.

In case you do not have a tripod, you should consider buying one that can hold your camera better than you can. It is very easy for you to be a better food photographer. However, you need to have all the above tips at your fingertips.

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