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8 Best Cameras for Car Photography in 2022 [Buying Guide]

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Do you fancy looking at clear photos of cars? Everyone who loves cars often finds themselves browsing through many car pictures admiring the details in them. What sets these pictures apart from other car pictures is the clarity they have. The camera is capable of capturing all the details of the vehicles, allowing you to see the picture as you would in real life.

How to identify the best camera for car photography

The cameras have a powerful lens, impeccable zooming capability, better resolution, and a prolonged life battery. The cameras should also be affordable and widely available in the market. This article will look at some of the best cameras for car photography by highlighting their key features, design, and performance.

After reading this article, you will be well informed on matters relating to cameras, how to buy one, and how to compare several devices in the market. You’ll also learn how their features might impact their performances and whether you need more accessories to make the cameras complete.

Best Cameras for Car Photography (Reviews)

Canon EOS M50 (best budget camera for car photography)
Canon EOS M50

Best budget camera for car photography: Canon EOS M50

  • It’s very light, weighing only 13.7 ounces
  • It measures only 2.3 x 4.6 x 3.5 inches
  • It has a 3x optical zoom
  • It comes with 24 MP optical sensor resolutions
  • They could do a lot to improve the battery life

It feels good on the hands, just as it looks great. The design of this camera takes from the traditional designs of every Canon camera. The ON/OFF button is located at the top right corner of the camera, and just down beneath it are the other operating buttons such as the Info, Delete, Option selection, and Play buttons.

The manufacturer has done an incredible job of including all these buttons in one place where you can operate them with one hand. The touchscreen LCD is capable of rotating up to 1800, which allows you to shoot at any angle and any position.

The casing is made of polyester carbonate and plastics that protect it from elements such as water and other impurities.

The casing is also strong enough to protect it from impact and pressure. It’s also studded to provide enough traction, especially when you’re shooting in a wet condition.

The performance of this device is where it wins over the clients. For starters, it comes equipped with Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus which helps to get clear photos very fast and when you need to.

For incredible color, stunning range, and clear details, the camera comes equipped with the DIGIC 8 Image Processor and 241 megapixel APS C CMOS sensor.

The camera comes equipped with 2,360,000 dots that help to bring out the details of the image when shooting.

You can also turn this camera into a fully functioning webcam since it comes equipped with EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 (best canon camera for car photography)
Canon EOS Rebel T7

Best canon camera for car photography: Canon EOS Rebel T7

  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent image quality
  • Wifi enabled
  • Large sensor size
  • Shoots continuously
  • Autofocus is available during video recording
  • Fixed rear LCD
  • No touch screen

The camera is known for its light body as well as its small size. Being a compact DSLR, the camera has been designed to fit different features. It is also one of the best cameras for new car photographers due to its ease of operation and high performance.

The other thing with the Canon T7 camera that makes it one of the best is its prices which are lower and hence it is affordable. The camera has high-speed and accurate autofocus, and therefore it is one of the perfect cameras to use when you are capturing photographs of racing and moving cars.

The camera also captures images of high quality as well as giving the photographer a more relaxed time controlling the camera.

The camera has 24 megapixels and a great system that allows autofocusing, which makes it useful for car photography. It is also very easy for you to share the images on the camera since it has simple sharing options.

The camera is said to be the best for first-time car photographers since it is very easy for you to access the camera’s settings from the rear of the camera, unlike most cameras.

The camera can also take pictures of different sizes and at the same time record videos in full HD, HD, and VGA.

While in the live view mode, the camera produces 240 shots and 500 shots while in the optical viewfinder mode.

The camera also is Wi-Fi enabled, and hence it is easy for you to access your image using your smartphone, laptop, and even android. Also, the camera is available and the best for any person who wants to join the world of car photography.

Canon EOS R6 (best camera for car photography)
Canon EOS R6

Best camera for car photography: Canon EOS R6

  • Eye, face, and head detection
  • The LCD screen is capable of tilting up to 180 degree
  • Capable of supporting two memory cards
  • Weighs only 1.5 pounds
  • Measures 5.45 x 3.84 x 3.48 inches
  • Battery life could be improved

Third on our list is this device from Canon, for many reasons. First, it comes from a reputable manufacturer in the industry, and it performs better than other devices in its class. The design of this device stands out for several reasons. First, it has a simple appearance based on the classic camera design.

The case is made of a durable and strong polyester material that helps to keep elements such as water from damaging the interior of the device. It’s also reinforced with rubber coating on the edge to protect it from impact and other obstacles.

The design also features a rough case that provides more traction, preventing it from slipping, especially when you’re shooting in wet conditions.

On matters regarding operating, the manufacturers have included all the crucial keys in one place.

The ON/OFF button is located at the top right side of the device. Right next to it is the shutter button. Beneath these two buttons are the autofocus and brightness buttons.

Both the ‘search’ and ‘info’ buttons are next to each other, with the ‘set’ button right beneath them. The ‘play’ and ‘delete’ buttons are at the bottom of the camera. The ‘Rate’ and ‘Menu’ buttons are on the top left side of the device.

The performance of this device will not disappoint since it comes with a handful of features that will provide stunning images.

First, there are the Mechanical and Electronic (Silent) shutters providing 12fps and 20fps, respectively, and provide High-Speed Continuous Shooting.

There is also the DIGIC X Image Processor that helps to improve the picture quality and is also expandable to 204800.

You don’t have to worry about taking blurry images since this device comes equipped with Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus that is capable of covering 100% of the area.

You can now track the subject, whether people or animals, by utilizing Deep Learning Technology. You can now shoot crystal clear images since this device comes equipped with a 20 MP full-frame CMOS sensor.

Fujifilm X-T4 (best mirrorless camera for car photography)
Fujifilm X-T4

Best mirrorless camera for car photography: Fujifilm X-T4

  • It supports MOV and MP4 video output
  • 4K video outputs
  • 5-axis image stabilizer mechanism
  • Battery life could be improved

Everything about this camera stands out, and that’s why it takes the fourth position on our list. It offers value for money and will never disappoint due. The camera carries on with the classic but timeless design that sets it apart from other cameras in its class.

The metal design surrounding the plastic casing not only offers an appealing design but also provides additional protection in case the camera drops or comes in contact with any object.

On matters of operation, the manufacturer has included all the buttons you need in one place. At the top of the camera is the wheel to choose between Still and Movie options, the autofocus button, the ON/OFF button, and the shutter button.

Beneath these buttons are the Menu and Display Back buttons that help you to interact with this device easily.

This device stands out from the rest in its class when it comes to its performance. You can switch between Still and Movie options easily by moving the wheel in any direction.

You no longer have to worry about blurry images since the device comes equipped with the compact in-body image stabilizer (IBIS) system enabling you to shoot on the move.

The inclusion of Ultra Sonic Vibration adds more stability to the camera as it improves the sensor cleaning system. It also supports AUTO1/ AUTO2/ AUTO3 as standard output sensitivity.

With extended output sensitivity, the camera is capable of supporting ISO80/ 100/ 125/ 25600/ 51200. The 3 inches LCD allows you to have a clear view of the object you’re shooting.

The touchscreen capabilities provide you with better operation, and the 1.62 million dots provide a better resolution of the image.

Nikon D3500 (best Nikon camera for car photography)
Nikon D3500

Best Nikon camera for car photography: Nikon D3500

  • It is not expensive
  • Light weight
  • High quality image capture
  • HD video resolutions
  • Excellent sensor
  • Comfortable grip
  • Accurate and fast autofocus system
  • Fixed screen (no turning or tilting)
  • No touch screen
  • Not Wifi enabled

This camera was made by the Nikon Company. The camera is also one of the best cameras that you can use for your car photography jobs.

The camera is light in weight and also has a small body. The camera also has a guide model that recommends the correct settings that you can use when you are taking your photos.

The sensor of the camera is susceptible, and hence its performance is excellent thereby, the camera captures images of very high quality. The camera comes with an inbuilt flash, and therefore you are not limited to using the camera during the day only.

The other thing that makes this camera the best camera for car photography is the ability to share the images that you capture.

The camera is also very reliable in case you are a photographer for hire since you are guaranteed of capturing quality pictures of moving cars, still, cars, and even cars that are racing.

In case you are a beginner, This camera is a perfect car photography camera for you because the camera has a setting wheel for you that guides you when you are taking pictures.

Like its predecessors, the camera has 24 megapixels which results in high-quality images captured.

Although the camera does not have a 4k video, it offers a full HD as its maximum resolution. This makes it easier for anyone who is using the camera to edit the images captured very easily.

The camera has eleven autofocus points at the center, unlike other cameras that have autofocus points all over the camera’s front.

The battery also lasts longer, and hence you are not likely to be inconvenienced when you are taking photographs of different cars for long hours.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 (best affordable camera for car photography)
Canon EOS Rebel T6

Best affordable camera for car photography: Canon EOS Rebel T6

  • The camera is Wi-Fi enabled
  • The camera and video recorded by the camera are perfect
  • The camera is fast
  • The screen does articulate
  • It does allow the stabilization of the images
  • The price of the camera is affordable
  • The screen of the camera is not only non-touch but also fixed

One of the things is that the Canon T6 is one of the cheapest cameras that you can find for perfect car photography. However, the low price of which this camera cost does not make it a camera of poor performance. In case you are operating under a minimal budget, this is a perfect camera for you.

The camera is also WI-Fi enabled and also has NFC. These features help you to access and also view your images from your phone, laptop, or android anytime you are off-camera.

On hand with an app called the canon camera Connect app, you can download the images using your selected device. Although the screen of the camera does not tilt, the camera is still a perfect one for a passionate car photographer of any stage.

With the zoom lens in the camera, it is easy for you to capture images of cars that are some distance from you without so much hustle.

Apart from making perfect shots, the camera also records videos that are decent and of high quality. New car photographers can also use the camera since it has a very easy control setting that can be easily understood.

This also plays a significant role in making the camera an easy one to operate. The battery life of the camera will last depending on whether you are taking photographs or recording videos.

This means that when you are taking pictures, the battery will last longer than recording videos using this camera. By any chance, this is the best camera for your needs.

Sony a7 III (best sony camera for car photography)
Sony a7 III

Best sony camera for car photography: Sony a7 III

  • It has a perfect sensor
  • It has an LCD that can tilt and turn
  • It can shoot without making any noise
  • It produces high-quality images
  • It has a longer battery life
  • It can only accommodate one storage device
  • The camera is costly

The camera has a mirrorless frame and even a full-frame sensor. In case you are not into carrying cameras of huge sizes, this camera is a perfect choice for you since you can carry it from your camera bag.

The camera can adapt to several lenses and hence in case you find out that you do not like the lens that comes with the camera, you can get other types of lenses that will work correctly with you.

The main reason why the camera has been rated as one of the best car photography cameras is that the camera can be used even in video shooing, unlike with many cameras. Its autofocus has been improved.

The camera has inbuilt Wi-Fi and also an LCD. For this reason, the easy sharing of images is possible when you are off-camera.

The camera’s sensor makes the camera capture very quality pictures of different cars and perfect video recordings. Unlike most of the cameras used in car photography, the screen of the camera can tilt and turn at different angles.

This camera also offers you the chance to preview the final image even before capturing it making your photography consistent with the viewfinder of the camera; you can also view ad review images even in the bright sun.

Since the camera can use any lens you get, you can also use the glasses that you have attached to your adapters. The other good thing with this camera is that it’s very easy for you to take a sharp focus of the cars you are clicking using the continuous eye focus settings.

This saves you the time that you would have used when adjusting the focal point of your object. It is also a perfect camera when you are video shooting cars that are racing at a very high speed.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II (best dslr camera for car photography)
Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Best dslr camera for car photography: Canon EOS 6D Mark II

  • The camera has an inbuilt flash
  • It has inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Its images and videos are of high quality
  • It can be easily controlled using the touch screen
  • Its battery life is long
  • It is very heavy and large
  • It’s costly

Canon EOS 6D Mark II is also another outstanding camera for car photography that has been highly rated for its perfect performance. This is simply the camera you should be having if you are a lover of car photography.

Although the camera is somehow expensive, it captures and records very quality images and videos respectively.

Compared with most of the cameras used in car photography, the camera’s size is a bit larger while its weight is somehow heavier.

The camera has a great lens, but you can still use any other type of glass that you think is perfect for producing quality images and videos. Some of the types of lenses that you can think of getting are macro lenses, zoom lenses, and also angle lenses.

To make your car photography more perfect, you should make sure that you are using lenses that have different focal lengths. The fast and very accurate autofocus of this camera is also a significant factor that has made this camera to be on the list of the best cameras for car photography.

The camera will also give you a perfect time as a photographer since the body of the camera is weather resistant.

This gives you peace of mind when you are working. The screen of the camera is the touch screen; therefore, you can live view with the camera instead of view finding.

The digital stabilization of the images makes the camera to be perfect for video shootings, and hence it is mostly used in recording videos of racing cars.

The features that the camera has are outstanding, but its price is very high. However, in case you are working on a large budget, the camera is perfect for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Camera for Car Photography

Things to Consider Before Buying A Camera for Car Photography

If you have never bought a camera for car photography, there are things that you need to know before buying the best camera.

This will help you in making the right decision on the best camera that you can use in car photography. The following is a buying guide for buyers looking for the best camera for car photography:

Decide on the type of camera you should buy it

There are so many types of cameras that can be used in car photography. When you are buying your cameras for car photography, you must decide on the kind of car photography that is best for you. You must read detailed information about all these types of car photography cameras for you to decide on the best kind of camera to buy.

Check on the essential features of the camera

All the cameras that are used in car photography have different features. There are those features that are more essential and must be there in the camera.

You must check on all the crucial elements before buying the camera. Some of the crucial features that you need to check on the cameras include:

  • Manual mode.
  • The number of megapixels.
  • Size of the camera.
  • Weight of the camera.
  • Camera’s menu system.
  • Sensor size.

Consider the additional features

Apart from the essential features of the camera, other elements are called additional features. These are the features that make the camera more efficient.

This is why you will need t check whether the camera you are buying has other features like image stabilization, video recording, LCD, viewfinder, Wi-Fi, and GPS connection.

The brand of the camera is also essential

The other thing that you need to consider when you are buying a camera for car photography. Some brands produce better cameras than others. This is why you need to make sure that you select the brand that manufactures the best cameras for car photography.

Consider the lenses

Cameras have different types of lenses. These lenses can either be permanent or can be changed. You need to find a lens that can be perfect for your camera.

Consider the necessary accessories

There are specific accessories that will compliment your camera for car photography. Some of the cameras have accessories while some do not have accessories. You need to check on the accessories that accompany your camera and the accessories that you will need to buy. Some of the accessories include:

  • Memory cards.
  • Extra batteries.
  • Camera bag.
  • Memory card reader.
  • Cleaning accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What to look for in a camera for car photography?

With the different types of car photography in the market, there are things that you need to look for when you are buying your camera. The following are some of the things that you need to look for in a camera for car photography:

The size of the sensor

One of the most important things to look for when you are buying a camera for car photography is the size of the sensor. This is because you will find cameras that have sensors of different sizes.

The size of the sensor of the camera you buy will determine the quality of pictures that you will capture. However, when you are purchasing the camera, one of your intentions is to get a camera that captures perfect car photographs.

This is why you need to check on the size of the sensor different cameras have. The larger the sensor, the higher and excellent the quality of the pictures that you take and vice versa.

The number of megapixels

The other important thing that you need to look for is the number of megapixels the camera has. Some cameras have more megapixels than others. Although the number of megapixels determines the quality of the pictures you take, the sensor size is also essential.

Make sure that you are buying a camera that has the highest number of megapixels, but at the same time, its sensor size is too large.

The type of lenses on the camera

The type of lens on the camera is another thing that you need to look for when buying a camera for car photography. This is because the lenses determine the kind of images you will be taking. With the quality of car images in mind, you need to get the cameras with the best lenses.

The price of the camera

Cameras for car photography are sold at different costs. Some are cheap while there are also expensive ones. The amount of money that you wish to spend on buying the camera will determine the camera that you can afford. This is why you also need to look for the cost of the camera before buying it.

What do you need to know about car photography?

As a photographer who specializes in car photography, there are some things that you need to know so that you can make your work more passionate.

Car photography may seem very easy to most people, but at the time it can be very tricky for someone who has no idea about it. This is why you need to know the following essential things about car photography.

Your camera determines the quality of your video and the camera

One of the first things that every car photographer must know about car photography is the type of camera you use counts. With so many kinds of cameras that can be used in car photography, you need to select the best kind of camera that uses. This will determine the quality of images and videos.

A lot of practice is necessary

The other essential thing that you need to know about car photography is that for you to become a perfect car photographer is that practice is critical. For you to be an ideal car photographer, you will have to make sure that you are practicing from time to time. This will make you a perfect photographer at the end of the practice.

Car photography can be done during the day or at night

Car photography is an activity that provides individuals with a lot of fun. The operation can be done either during the day or at night. However, this will be determined by the type of camera that you use. For this reason, you can take any videos and pictures at any time which you feel convenient.

The color of the car matters in car photography

Whenever you are taking pictures or videos of still cars, racing cars, or cars on a show, the type of pictures and recordings you get will be determined by the color of the vehicles involved. In case you are looking forward to having the best photos and recordings ever, you will need to paint and color your car to perfection.

How do take a better photo of the car?

Taking photographs of your cars or your clients’ cars can be delightful and exciting at the same time. However, getting the best car photographs requires you to be very cautious and creative. The following are some of the things that can help you in tracking the best pictures of cars.

Do it at the best time

Sometimes it can be perfect for you to take photographs of cars while there are times when this cannot be perfect. To make sure that you are shooting the best photos and recording the best videos, you should do your car photography.

The perfect time is some minutes before the sunrise and a few minutes after the sun has set. The photos and recordings taken at this time are perfect.

Color of your car

Cars that are not colored do not produce the best videos and images. This is because the pictures and videos will be provided plus the flaws that the car has. This is why you will need to color your car so that you can remove the imperfections in the car. This will perfect the pictures and videos that you take.

Get the best camera

The type of camera that you are using during cat photography will determine the kind of work you are doing. This is why you will need to select the best cameras for car photography. When you are buying your camera, make sure that you have checked the specifications of the camera you are buying si that you can be assured of the quality of video and image you are capturing. The better the camera you have, the better the quality of your captions.

Practice being perfect

The perfect car photographers require me to do some practice at regular times. Practicing will help you avoid making any mistakes and also know how to capture the best images and videos. For this reason, taking the best car photographs requires you to be very patient as you do the practice.

Select a good background

Some backgrounds can distract your eyes as you take your images or videos. This is why you are advised to select the best experiences during car photography.

Final Words

At times getting the best type of camera for car photography can be confusing. However, in the case car photography is your passion; you must make sure that you select the best camera.

You must make sure that you do not make any mistakes when buying the cameras so that you can have the perfect videos and images.

The buyers’ guide will help you in selecting the best camera for car photography and make your car photography perfect. You will also require getting tips that will help you in taking the best car photographs.

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