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8 Best Webcams for Zoom Meetings in 2022 [Buying Guide]

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With the ongoing “COVID19” pandemic causing havoc around the world, businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home. Technology such as Zoom has allowed teams to cooperate and share information virtually from home, which has helped to keep projects running smoothly. Even though computers, especially laptops, come equipped with webcams, it’s advisable to get an enhanced webcam that offers brighter and clear images.

Best Webcams for Zoom Meetings (Reviews)

You cannot settle for any webcam when you’re in the market for the best webcams for Zoom meetings. You need to find one that offers you more features and is easy to set up and use while remaining within your budget. In this article, we will look at some of the best webcams for Zoom meetings and analyze what makes them special. We have also written a buyer’s guide and answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding webcams. Read on to find out:

Logitech C920S (webcam for zoom meetings)
Logitech C920S Webcam

Logitech C920S Webcam

  • It offers a 78 degrees field of view
  • It can be mounted on a tripod
  • It’s very light, weighing 5.8 ounces
  • It comes with a standard lens as opposed to a glass lens

The manufacturers of this product have done an incredible job making it a premium webcam. For starters, you get to stream clear HD videos that make you look like a pro due to the 1080p resolution, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a video call or recording a video.

The premium HD glass lens helps to capture clear and razor-sharp images. For added video clarity, the webcam comes equipped with a 2MP optical sensor, which is more than enough for a standard webcam.

The automatic low light correction and auto-focus capability allow you to record high def videos regardless of the environment you’re in without compromising on the quality. The webcam is compatible with popular video calling apps producing a minimum of 720p HD videos, making it perfect for Zoom meetings.

With this product, you don’t need to mount additional microphones since it comes equipped with two microphones that are capable of capturing clear stereo audio.

The design is also where this webcam shines. The microphones are located on either side of the webcam for optimal sound transmission. To protect the lens from damage, the webcam is equipped with a clear plastic cover over the lens.

As if this is not enough, the manufacturers have also included a snugly fitting cover that you can close down when not using the webcam. It also comes with a 5 feet cable which is more than enough for home or office use.

NexiGo N930AF (webcam for zoom meetings)
NexiGo N930AF Webcam

NexiGo N930AF Webcam

  • The webcam has a 6-feet cord
  • It’s foldable for easy carrying and storing
  • It can be mounted on a tripod
  • It’s very light, weighing only 6.7 ounces
  • They can improve on the viewing angle which is currently 65 degrees

This webcam was built for maximum performance and wide application. The manufacturers have done incredible work of video quality by offering HD 1080p video resolution. As a result, you get a crystal-clear video whether you’re recording it or streaming it in real-time.

The HD quality and brighter videos are why many people using Zoom have opted for this webcam. To improve on the quality, this webcam comes equipped with autofocus features which you can also turn off using the Mac/Windows app.

For easy use and wider application, this webcam is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, and 10, Mac OS 10.6, and Android v5.0 and above. You also get clear voice transmission due to the built-in noise cancellation technology that filters out ambient noise. In the end, you get a webcam capable of picking out your voice even when recording in a noisy environment.

Are you in a low-lit room and are worried about the video quality in this environment? You don’t need to worry since the webcam has an automatic low light correction that adjusts to fit the lighting in your room.

Unlike the poor video quality produced by ordinary webcams in this environment, when you’re using this webcam, people on the other side of the screen will not notice the difference.

If you’re worried about your privacy, the webcam comes with a plastic cover that goes over the lens when you’re not using it. Other than offering privacy, the plastic cover protects the lens from dust and debris, keeping your videos clear for long.

Logitech BRIO (webcam for zoom meetings)
Logitech BRIO Webcam

Logitech BRIO Webcam

  • The webcam has a 7.2 feet cable
  • It offers a 90 degrees diagonal field of view
  • It’s one of the lightest webcams weighing only 0.74 pounds
  • Supports facial recognition
  • The webcam is not compatible with the Android operating system

If you need a webcam that doesn’t leave any details out, then this product is for you. For starters, the 4K video resolution is one of its kind, made possible by the premium glass lens. The result is HD true-to-life videos.

There’re a few webcams today that produce this level of clarity, making this webcam perfect for Zoom meetings. You can still get clear videos regardless of glare or backlighting because of the RightLight 3 technology. The technology helps to adjust contrast or exposure when on a call, even in low-lighting rooms, and no one will notice the difference.

In terms of connection and compatibility, this webcam supports multiple connection types such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB C. For compatibility, this webcam supports all popular video meeting apps like Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WebEx, and Cisco. It also works better with Windows and Mac apps like swift and hello. You don’t need to log in to these apps since the webcam delivers fast facial recognition.

The webcam comes equipped with a removable shade that flips down when the webcam is not in use to assure privacy. You can zoom your view 5x without compromising on the video quality. The webcam has two Omni-directional noise-canceling microphones capable of filtering out ambient noises and focusing on your voice, allowing you to use it even in a noisy environment.

Vitade 960A (webcam for zoom meetings)
Vitade 960A Webcam

Vitade 960A Webcam

  • The webcam has a 5 feet cable
  • It covers an 80-degree wide angle
  • Supports a wide range of video meeting applications
  • It’s very light, weighing only 5.3 ounces
  • The microphone doesn’t filter out noise

The 1080p video resolution provides you with clear video streaming and recording, which is perfect for Zoom meetings. You can share a screen with someone else because of the 80 degrees wide-angle lens.

To improve the video clarity, the webcam comes equipped with adjustable built-in ring light that helps to supply more lighting making it perfect for low-lit rooms. The light comes with three brightness settings to help you adjust how much light you need at one particular time.

The light correction and autofocus help to keep your videos clear even in low-lit rooms and the people on the other side will not notice the difference. For faster video transmission, the webcam is equipped with the advanced H.264 encoding that helps to compress videos while still maintaining the HD resolution. In the end, you get a webcam capable of sending and receiving video signals in half the time.

The plug-and-play function makes it easy to use without needing additional drivers. It’s also compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Mac OS 10.6 and above. It also supports Android OS and Chrome OS for universal applications.

You can also mount it on a tripod or a laptop. The background replacement function comes in handy when you want to change the theme. It comes equipped with multiple background options that you can choose from during a Zoom meeting.

Logitech C505 (webcam for zoom meetings)
Logitech C505 Webcam

Logitech C505 Webcam

  • The webcam comes equipped with a 7 feet cable
  • It utilizes Redlight 2 auto-light correction
  • It supports a USB plug and plays
  • It doesn’t support autofocus

The manufacturers have done an incredible job of keeping this webcam simple but very effective. For starters, the webcam is capable of maintaining a 720p video resolution throughout the stream, which is optimal for a Zoom meeting.

The auto light correction comes in very handy when you’re holding a meeting in a low-lit room and doesn’t require additional lighting. The 60 degrees diagonal field of view is more than enough for more than one person sharing a screen.

The inclusion of omnidirectional noise cancellation microphones helps to filter out noises when you’re in a meeting, allowing you and your team to focus on the agenda of the meeting without getting distracted. It doesn’t matter whether you’re holding a meeting in a hall or outside, the microphones can filter out a majority of this noise and allow you to concentrate on your meeting.

It also comes with multiple mounting possibilities, such as mounting on a tripod or a laptop because of the universal clip. The webcam also comes equipped with 7 feet cable for maximum placement and mounting. The only problem is that you have to buy the tripod separately.

The design is simple and elegant, with the lens placed on the left side. The lens is covered by scratch-resistant clear plastic that makes it easy to clean. It also helps to keep the lens clear which helps to maintain the HD quality of the videos for a long.

EMeet Webcam (webcam for zoom meetings)
EMeet Webcam

EMeet Webcam

  • The auto light correction helps to keep videos clear even in low-lit rooms
  • 1 /2.9” CMOS image sensor
  • 9 feet long cable
  • There is no privacy protection cover

The manufacturers have done an incredible job of making this webcam one of the best. The 1080p video resolution allows for clear HD video transmission and recording. The plastic lens is equipped with anti-scratch capabilities to ensure a longer lifespan and maintain HD video streaming for a long time. The result is sharp and smooth videos during Zoom meetings.

To make sure the meeting goes smoothly, the webcam is equipped with two noise cancellation microphones on either side of the lens. The microphones help to reduce ambient noise and minimize disturbance.

The webcam is compatible with a majority of popular operating systems such as Windows XP, Ubuntu, Mac OS, Linux, and Android 5.0 and above. It also works better with video streaming applications such as Mac’s Facetime, Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, and Skype.

You don’t need to install additional drivers since the webcam works as a plug-and-play. All you need for the webcam to work is to plug it into your laptop or desktop, and it’ll be ready to use in less than a minute.

The fact that it’s foldable and portable makes it easy to carry and store, which is perfect for use when you’re on the road. The foldable feature also allows you to adjust the camera into three setup positions for optimal video streaming. You can mount this webcam on a tripod or plug it into the screen of your computer. The only drawback is that you have to buy the tripod separately.

Razer Kiyo Pro (webcam for zoom meetings)
Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam

Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam

  • Wide-angle lens to give you enough visual space
  • Compatible with a majority of operating systems
  • It comes equipped with 5.6 feet cable
  • The webcam doesn’t have built-in microphones

If you need a webcam that outperforms others and maintains high standards, then this is the product for you. For starters, the 1080p video resolution allows you to stream and record HD video, which gives your videos lifelike quality.

To improve the color of your streams, the webcam comes equipped with HDR features that you can activate at 30FPS. The wide-angle AF lens is capable of transmitting clear and brighter images during a Zoom meeting.

The adaptive light sensor is a result of a CMOS sensor combined with STARVIS technology to allow crystal clear video transmission even in low lighting rooms, hence keeping your Zoom meetings natural. This way, you won’t be needing additional lighting in your room.

The webcam is capable of a smooth stream that doesn’t lag without compromising the video quality during the stream. It also comes equipped with an impressive 103 degrees of flexible field of view, which is more than many webcams can offer. This allows more people and movement to fit inside the frame without the need of readjusting the camera more often.

The foldable design allows you to carry and store the camera easily. You can also mount it on a tripod or strap it on the computer monitor. However, you must buy the tripod separately. The webcam also lacks speakers, which means you have to connect an external speaker for voice transmission. The plug-and-play feature allows easy installation without needing additional drivers for the webcam to work.

Meeting Owl Pro (webcam for zoom meetings)
Meeting Owl Pro Webcam

Meeting Owl Pro Webcam

  • Wi-Fi wireless connection
  • 360 degrees field of view
  • Automatic zooming capability
  • It’s a bit costly, but the features are worth the value

Everything about this webcam is great, and the manufacturers have not spared any expenses in improving its performance. For starters, there is the 1080p video resolution that makes you look professional in a Zoom meeting. The lens captures all details and keeps the recordings and live stream clearer and brighter.

The webcam is designed to offer an immersive experience where the automatic zoom responds and focuses on the one who is talking. This way, you won’t have to readjust the webcam settings every time someone starts to speak. It supports a majority of video streaming apps like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, and Cisco. It also integrates well with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

For optimal sound transmission, the webcam comes equipped with a noise-canceling microphone that filters out ambient noise. It also comes equipped with a speaker that is loud and clear enough for conducting Zoom meetings. The webcam is also capable of picking the voice from 18 feet away, something that is not common with other webcams.

The 360 degrees smart webcam offers a wide field of view, which is more than any webcam in its class. Wi-Fi connectivity technology is a cutting-edge technology that is not used by many webcams, and it allows you to connect to any device wirelessly. This way, you won’t need any cables or USB ports to connect the webcam to your device.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Webcams for Zoom Meetings

When you’re in the market for the best webcam for Zoom meetings, there are several things that you should keep in mind. Not only will they help you find a good item, but also help to eliminate unworthy products in the market. They include;

Noise Cancellation Microphone: It can get exhausting and frustrating to attend a Zoom meeting with all the background noise destructing you. The best webcam for your meetings should be capable of minimizing the ambient noise and allowing you to focus on the meeting.

Outstanding Video Quality: Don’t you just hate it when the video quality in your Zoom meeting is below standard? Well, there are higher a webcam has something to do with this. Choose a webcam that offers 1080p video streaming.

Automatic light correction: By choosing a webcam that offers auto light correction, you’ll be able to attend Zoom meetings even in low-lighting rooms without compromising on the video quality. You also eliminate the need to include additional lighting in the room while streaming.

Supporting Multiple Video Streaming Apps: You need a webcam that you can use on different video streaming applications such as Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, etc. This way, you won’t need a webcam for every application you choose to use.

Cross-Platform Support: The best webcam is the one that supports all the popular operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, and 10, Mac OS 10.6, and Android OS. Having such a webcam means you have a wider application and don’t need to keep replacing the item every time you’re on a different platform.

Field of View: A field of view is how far the webcam is going to cover diagonally. A 60 degrees field of view is optimal, but opting for a higher field of view is better. Choose a webcam that offers 90 degree or higher field of view. This way, you’ll be able to include more people within the frame of the video without readjusting the webcam.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

What is a Webcam?

A webcam is a specialized video camera designed to support video or image streaming in real-time. The camera is attached to a computer, and the information is streamed through the internet. A webcam is different from a laptop camera since it’s mounted on a computer and can be detached once you’re done using it.

The webcam is connected to a computer through a USB port and comes equipped with a long cable to allow you to move it around. Since it was designed for video streaming, a webcam will offer clearer and brighter images compared to a laptop camera.

Do I need a webcam for Zoom meetings?

A video camera is required for Zoom meetings. While a laptop camera is great for zoom meetings, having a professionally designed webcam will offer you features such as clear and brighter images.

The model of your laptop will also determine whether you need a webcam since not all laptops have better-quality cameras. However, if you own a high-end laptop, you don’t need a webcam. Desktops, on the other hand, don’t have built-in cameras and require webcams for you to be in a Zoom meeting.

How can I look better in zoom?

To look better in Zoom, you need to consider the following:

The lighting – Light is very crucial in any video conference, and Zoom is not exceptional. You can start by improving the lighting in your house by allowing as much natural light in the room as possible.

If this light is not enough, try switching on your lights and placing your working desk near the source of light. In addition to these attempts, make sure you buy a webcam that has light correction and autofocus to adapt to low lights in the room.

Is a webcam better than a laptop camera?

Even though laptops come equipped with cameras, they’re not as clear as webcams. Laptop cameras also lack features and technology such as autofocus, auto-zoom, light correction, and noise cancellation microphones to make your Zoom meeting appear professional.

Webcams are also versatile and can be used on both desktops and laptops without interfering with the system. There is also the issue of video quality, with a majority of laptop cameras capable of producing 720p videos, which are not enough for Zoom meetings to appear professional. Webcams also have a wider application and can be used by different video streaming apps like Zoom, Skype, Slack, etc.

Is a 4K Webcam worth it?

A 4K webcam is perfect for any Zoom meeting due to the video clarity they produce. The lenses are designed to produce crystal-clear images during the video stream, which results in lifelike meetings. The lens also gets all the details and clear backgrounds.

There is also the issue with colors where 4K webcams produce more colors compared to other webcams. However, if your internet connection is not strong, you might notice lag and slow connection since 4K webcams take more resources. You also need a strong computer to handle the tasks and resources required to run a fully functioning 4K webcam.

How to make your webcam look better?

It doesn’t matter which webcam you’re using, if you don’t know how to make it look better, your videos will look unprofessional. However, there are some tips you can use to make your webcam look better. They include:

Focus on your lighting – Light, as you will come to know, is very important when you’re using your webcam. Shooting in a dull room will make your videos appear dark and blurry, which will affect the quality. Make sure you add more lighting to the room. It’s also best to shoot during the day and use natural lights. Make sure you face the brighter side of your light to get the most out of it.

Focus on the resolution – Other than the light, a webcam resolution helps to make your videos appear clear and colorful. Adjust the settings to 1080p if possible to improve resolution.

Focus on the background – The background you choose for your Zoom meeting should be professional and reflect your work. If you’re a scholar, it’s best to have shelves filled with books in your background. Some webcams come with the ability to change the background. If not, search for apps that offer this option.

What is a good internet speed for zoom?

Zoom does require a good and stable internet connection for it to work. An optimal internet speed for Zoom is 1.5mbps. However, the higher the speed, the better the video quality produced by the webcam.

Even so, some webcams have been known to require more internet speed. Such webcams come packed with additional features such as higher resolutions, autofocus, noise cancellation speakers, etc. These webcams tend to require more resources.

A 720p webcam can work with a 1.5mbps internet speed, but a 1080 or 4K resolution will require more internet speed, otherwise, the stream will lag and keep crashing. Such webcams can work with around 5mbps and above for optimal Zoom experience. Stereo sound is also important and requires a stable internet connection.


Zoom is becoming popular due to a need to work from home facilitated by the ongoing “COVID19” pandemic. Attending a Zoom meeting requires having a proper webcam that not only helps to stream crystal-clear videos but it’s also easy to use.

The webcams mentioned above come packed with additional features than your ordinary laptop camera which is limited. You get more resolution, better audio transmission, and better lighting. All these webcams have been tested and performed better than others in their class in terms of performance and features.

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