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5 Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $500 in 2022 [Buying Guide]

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Advancement in technology has seen the advent of great cameras, as well as the growth of photography, be it in the field of photography or videography. Professionals are having a field day and the options are limitless. It is not however all of us that want to be professionals when it comes to photography. This would not be a bad thing but all the same, art that takes time and learning to grasp. It is for this reason that point-and-shoot cameras were designed. These are great for family moments, travel, weddings, and parties that do not need any keep award-winning photography skills. This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to take great shots at the end of the day.

Point and shoot cameras come with autofocus, auto-tracking, and image balancing features among many others that aid the user to get the most out of a single shot fast and easily. Most will come with impressive zooms that will also be integrated with autofocus features unless you pick something more manual if you are learning on the job. We selected the best 5 points and shoot cameras under $500 for the best experience:

Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $500 (Reviews)

Panasonic Lumix FZ80: (best budget point and shoot camera)
Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Best budget point and shoot camera

  • Price
    The camera is affordable with the price being very reasonable if you put into consideration the kind of features it houses.
  • Zooming capabilities
    The camera comes with a 60X zoom capability for perfect long-distance shots aided by an 18.1MP Sensor for faster processing and quality photos.
  • Connectivity
    The camera allows you to share information with people around you and the peripheral devices. This makes it ideal for long-distance travelers that want to share their escapades with their fans.
  • Quality
    The 18.1-megapixel processor is a great recipe for full HD photos and videos that are ready for processing or used raw. The 60X zoom also allows the user to capture high-quality shots from a distance.
  • Continuous shooting
    The camera is capable of taking burst shots. Continuous shooting is also made possible by the high-quality EV, mage balancing, and autofocus.
  • Portability
    The camera is compact and small which makes it easy to carry in tight spaces including pockets. Travelers are always looking for ways to free their hands and so a small compact camera will come in handy. This can be tucked away and easily used when the time is right without being too heavy or taking any significant space.

The camera comes with a high-quality 18.1MP CMOS sensor for high-quality photos and is pretty usable in low light conditions. The plus 3-touch LCD is ideal for those looking for easy interfaces to work with. It also tilts conveniently to ensure that you take photos in multiple positions.

The camera comes with an optical stabilization set up at 20-1200mm and a Lumix DC VARIO lens. The camera is fast and compact. It is perfect for the traveler looking for something small that can fit in a pocket or a small space in a bag. It also used the DFD image focusing system for stable images. You will enjoy long-distance traveling due to the USB charging capabilities as you take exclusive 4K videos.

Panasonic Lumix ZS50: (best point and shoot camera under $300)
Panasonic Lumix ZS50

Panasonic Lumix ZS50

Best point and shoot camera under $300

  • Price
    The camera is a real bargain if you are looking for something with impressive features at a low price.
  • Zooming capabilities
    The camera supports 30X zoom ideal for long-distance shots with a good quality result.
  • Connectivity
    The camera comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, which is perfect for connecting with family and friends. It is also a great way to join photography communities to share and grow.
  • Quality
    The camera supports HD resolution when it comes to photos and shooting videos at 100fps and 200fps.
  • Continuous shooting
    Supports burst shots and continuous shooting.
  • Portability
    The camera is small, compact, and perfect for small spaces. This means you can carry it in your pocket or bag without too much space. Travelers looking to free their hands will find this very useful.

This is a great camera if you are looking for something small and compact enough to travel with. It will fit in small spaces and come in handy only when you need to take photos without being a nuisance.

The Panasonic Lumix ZS50 Camera has a 30X zoom for great photos at amazing distances and an impressive eye finder. You also get a 60X intelligent zoom, a CMOS sensor perfect for quality photos, and a full HD capability. This is both in the photo and video modes.

Olympus TG-5: (best value point and shoot camera)
Olympus TG-5

Olympus TG-5

Best value point and shoot camera

  • Price
    A small compact camera with a great price tag if you are not looking to spend much for quality and waterproof qualities.
  • Zooming capabilities
    The camera can zoom at 7X with quality photos and videos.
  • Connectivity
    Works perfectly with Wi0Fi making it a great camera to connect with friends and family.
  • Quality
    The camera shoots 4K videos and handles full HD photos at an amazing speed. It can shoot 50 feet underwater and handle high pressure and impact. The camera is built for a traveler looking for something that can transverse elements.
  • Continuous shooting
    The camera supports burst shots and continuous shooting.
  • Portability
    The small and compact camera can fit in tight spaces including pockets, small bags, clutch bags, and handbags. It is easy to carry around due to its small weight.

The Olympus TG-5 camera is a dream camera for those that love marine excursions. The camera is waterproof up to 50 feet underwater. It is also dustproof ensuring meaning that it can last forever. You also get crush-proof aspects which is what makes it perfect under 50 feet of water.

The shockproof properties will also work up to 7 feet. It is freezeproof up to 14 degrees and comes with an anti-fog lens. This is a dream come true for photographers looking for something to work on the gold coast or Maldives while capturing great shots.

This has not compromised the camera in any way as you get 12MP with a high-speed image sensor that works well under low light providing highly reduced noise for the perfect shots. You also get an F2.0 bright high-speed lens that gives you several video recording formats including MOV and MPEG-4AVC/H.264.

The True pic VIII dual quad-core processor is ideal for quality photos. Some of the extras include a GPS with a field sensor system, temperature sensors, and a compass. The camera is small in size and compact enough to fit small spaces for ease of traveling.

Sony RX100: (best point-and-shoot camera under $400)
Sony RX100

Sony RX100

Best point-and-shoot camera under $400

  • Price:
    This is a reasonably priced camera considering the kind of specifications it comes with.
  • Zooming capabilities
    The camera provides a 3.6X zoom. This is perfect for long distant shots aided by a 20.2MP CMOS sensor for clarity and fast processing.
  • Connectivity
    The camera easily connects with peripheral devices through Wi-Fi and NFC. This makes it ideal to work with a photography community as well as share photos with family and friends. You can also transfer data easily within seconds.
  • Quality
    You get high-quality photos powered by the 20.2MP CMOS Exmor sensor and a 3.6X zoom. You will be able to shoot both photos and videos in full HD for better processing.
  • Continuous shooting
    Continuous shooting and burst shots facilitated by the fast processors, image stability, and autofocusing.
  • Portability
    The small and compact camera can fit in tight spaces including pockets, small bags, clutch bags, and handbags. It is easy to carry around due to its small weight.

The remarkable point-and-shoot camera comes with a 20.2 MP Exmor sensor for fast processing and production of quality photos. The sensor is also great for capturing low-light scenarios. It also boasts 28-100mm equivalent F/1.8 to 4.9 lenses. It comes with an expandable ISO with values from 80, 100, and 25600.

The ISO value is also 125-6400 for ranging levels of sensitivity. You also get a 1.2M dots, 3-inch LCD screen with a great view. The video quality is also impressive and is full HD producing 1080p. The image stabilizer is ideal for moving targets and works well with the rear control dial as well as a front control ring that is customizable.

The camera can shoot in burst modes at approximately 10fps for fast-moving objects. The lens is bright with a 3.6X zoom. The full HD features enabled by the Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T lens are also ideal for 4K videos. These can be controlled manually with a dual record capability.

The camera body is not only classy but ultra-slim. This means that the camera can fit in your pocket, or small bags, and is easy to carry around thanks to the light aluminum body. The camera weighs about 7.5 oz.

This is a great point and shoots camera if you’re looking for something that competes well with some of the most sophisticated cameras out there. The photo quality is hard to decipher especially if you have no idea the kid camera was used due to the impressive quality.

Samsung WB350F: (best point-and-shoot camera under $200)
Samsung WB350F

Samsung WB350F

Best point-and-shoot camera under $200

  • Price
    A reasonably priced camera with a good list of features to match with.
  • Zooming capabilities
    The camera has a zoom capability of 21X which is more than sufficient for the point-and-shoot user. The zoom is also high-quality thanks to the 16.3 MP sensor that does well in low light conditions.
  • Connectivity
    The camera is a connectivity hub with smart WiFi and NFC. Not only can you easily share the information easily with other devices through NFC, but you also get to share it with friends and family through Wi-Fi. It comes with a smart feature that allows you to upload your photos on social media, Photo Beam, email, Mobile Link, Direct Link, All share, and Remote viewfinder among many others.
  • Quality
    The camera produces high-quality HD photos and videos due to its good processing features.
  • Continuous shooting
    The camera has continuous shooting and burst shot capabilities ensuring that you do not miss a moment when out there.
  • Portability
    The camera is small, compact, and perfect for small spaces. This means you can carry it in your pocket or bag without too much space. Travelers looking to free their hands will find this very useful.

Not only can you easily share the information easily with other devices through NFC, but you also get to share it with friends and family through Wi-Fi. It comes with a smart feature that allows you to upload your photos to social media, Photo Beam, email, Mobile Link, Direct Link, All share, and Remote viewfinder amongst many others.

The camera comes with a 16.3MP BSI CMOS sensor that is great for photo processing and producing great captions. The camera also harbors a 21 optical zoom lens for far and near shots. You also get full HD capabilities when it comes to photos and videos.

The camera is compact and will fit easily in limited spaces making it the best traveling partner. It can fit in jacket pockets, small bags, clutch bags, and others without too much space. The small size makes it easy to carry around while keeping your hands free to do other things.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Point and Shoot Camera Under $500


Pricing will affect the purchase of cameras. It is however not in its entirety the determining factor of the kind of camera you should buy. It is a fact that should be one of the least determining factors at the end of the day. Most of the buyers make this mistake and end up buying high-end cameras that they have no idea about when it comes to the field.

The first thing one should consider is the kind of photography one wants to be involved in. this will determine the kind of camera and eventually the amount. The other thing one should consider is the cost of other items that come with the camera. This may include data storage devices, charges, packing gear as well as lenses in case you want to expand your venture.

It is a fact that gear costs a fortune and may end up being a bigger fraction of the cost when compared to the cost of the camera. Most people will budget for a camera without thinking about the extra costs and end up spending unplanned cash just to acquire other items.

You are likely to get an amazing camera for under $500 if you take the time to look. You will also need to seek the help of a professional if you do not know much about the cameras. Most people will fall for pitches from salespeople and end up buying what they cannot use or do not need. Not every shiny discount pitch, poster, or tag is for you.

Stick to the path of whether what you are going for is being discounted or not. Ensure that you look for a good bargain within the field that you have picked to avoid picking what you do not want by the end of the day.

Zoom capabilities

Point and shoot cameras may be basic but are impressive when it comes to zooming capabilities. The best thing about point-and-shoot cameras is that they are designed to just point and take photos without a lot of fidgeting to get the best image as most of the other cameras will need. This means that most of the features will be automated even as you zoom in.

This may also include an image stabilizer to ensure that your photos are clear and look good even at a distance. The more the zoom the better it is for you especially if you will be doing landmarks and a belittled bit of wildlife. The camera settings will most of the time recalibrate themselves as you keep changing the zooms.

The idea is to take photos as fast as possible with as little effort as possible. Take time to note the kind of zoom capability you have on the camera before making your purchase. It is advised that you try using the same at the shop before making the purchase.

This will ensure that you grab as much of the landscapes as possible. This should also work in video modes without necessarily compromising the quality of the photos.


How fast you can get information now matters more than anything. This has made communication and processing photos. Cameras have not been left out with manufacturers pushing for the best sharing modes to entice clients. There are many ways that cameras are now sharing information including the use of Wi-Fi, NFC, USB cables, Bluetooth and so many more.

All these methods are meant to wirelessly or through wired means to move data from one device to another. The faster this can be established the better it is for the user. The preference of the user will determine the kind of camera to use. Those with internet connectivity will prefer WiFi while NFC will work with almost any device with the chip stuck to it.

This has brought about the faster processing of photos, sharing of photos and videos as well as the creation of online communities that have enhanced the field of photography. Take time to check your devices for what suits them best and pick a camera that will easily work with your devices. Cameras nowadays can be controlled using peripheral devices which are perfect for stealth photography and selfie shots.


The quality of the photographs you get at the end of the day will determine how good the camera is. The quality of the videos will also matter. Most cameras will now strive to shoot in HD which is a great quality to work with especially if you want to do raw editing. High-quality photos can be enlarged to any size without losing the quality of the photo.

The best video quality is 4K a 60ps which is more than ideal. Cameras that will hit this value of slightly lower PS values will work as long as they are fully HD and can shoot 4k videos. The quality of the photos can be determined right at the store with a few trials. Ensure that you take a few photos ensuring that you test the extremes to ensure you get a good deal on your camera.

Point-and-shoot cameras can compete well with other high-end cameras even for less than $500. You will not be surprised if people think that you are using a bigger camera for your shots.


You cannot underestimate the portability value of an appoint and shoot camera. Point-and-shoot cameras are meant to be used in versatile conditions where cameras would not be the first thing you need. Most people using these cameras do not want to have the camera in their hands till they need it for a shot.

This only means that the camera has to fit in the smallest spaces including pockets, handbags, clutch bags, and small bags without taking up any considerable space. They also need to be fast to start up as well as take photos at any angle.

This may mean having a 180-degree LCD screen. They also need to be compact and light enough. Most cameras nowadays will fit in the palm of your hand and are light enough to go unnoticed when traveling.

Continuous shooting modes

Continuous shooting modes ensure that you do not miss a moment while traveling. Some of the subjects are fast and will not keep still. Some of them will have spontaneous moves and these will also need to be documented.

Continuous shooting modes are determined by the EV and Focus assisted by a great ISO. You must pick a camera that can do many photos at once. These include some with burst modes. Values such as tracking will also help enhance the value of your camera.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I pick the best?

Picking the best point-and-shoot cameras for under $500 was not an easy task. It took hours on end of research, trials, and working with a group of both beginner and professional cameramen. The professional cameramen gave their input from the experience they have had with dozens of cameras as well as their knowledge of what works and what does not work.

The beginner’s providers much need user experience since the cameras would mostly appeal to them. This also helped us narrow down to cameras that were not only easy to use but perfect when it came to taking really good pictures.

The length of time taken helped us determine the cameras that were resilient to the environment as well as resistant to heating and other internal problems. It is easy to find cameras under $500 out there. the challenge comes with picking what works for you best.

The kind of camera you pick will be determined by what you want to specialize in. there are also general cameras for those that just want to capture moments in their lives with nothing more than developing a form of hobby.

Why trust me?

I have been taking photos for since I can remember. I can almost recall as if it were yesterday the day my dad bought me my first functional Kodak camera. The camera used film and the quality of the photos was dreadful but a treasure back then. I have grown to not only work with but deal with these cameras from the point of a salesman and a professional photographer.

I have also grown into communities that have specialized in photography and videography, which has compounded my wealth of knowledge. Having made mistakes in the past, I have realized that photography as many other fields do, also needs mentorship.

I have taken a few master classes with aspiring photographers specializing in the area of picking the right camera for you. This could be because I have been a camera dealer for the longest time. My passion also comes from realizing the mistakes most beginners and even professionals are making while acquiring new gear.

Picking the right camera is a combination of many factors but should not also be as complicated as many might think. It is for this reason that I have put together a list of the best point-and-shoot cameras that most beginners or standard users will find useful.

Do not be however fooled by these cameras as some will compete well with high-end cameras. It is almost impossible to distinguish photos taken by a good photographer using some of these points and shoot cameras from those taken by high-end cameras.

Is this for me?

I will confidently reiterate that this is an ideal piece for every camera user. One of the best aspects of the point-and-shoot camera is that it is much smaller than other mirrorless cameras. It is not always as a professional that you will want to carry all your gear when traveling. It is not also common for you to travel purposely for photography-related trips.

This too will not mean that you will want to miss great moments and this is where the point-and-shoot camera comes in handy. These cameras are not only easy to use but small and compact enough to carry around.

They will easily fit in the pocket of your jacket, briefcase, or handbag. The price is also ideal for beginners that want to capture great moments or even learn how to do photography. Not all point-and-shoot cameras come with auto features.

Some are completely manual which will allow the professional the autonomy of control and help the novice photographer develop some serious skills when it comes to photography. Picking the right point to shoot a camera out of thousands online is not an easy task especially if you have no idea how the whole thing works.

This is a great place to start you off above the waters. Point and shoot cameras will work well as extras for professionals and his ideal camera for a beginner.


The highest recommendation I will give to anyone looking for a good point-and-shoot camera is ensuring that research is done well. Most people do not take the time to understand how a camera works, the latest developments, and the pricing out there. You can get a really good bargain on a point-and-shoot camera as long as you are patient enough to look.

The fact that cameras come with features that determine the final product also means that it is wise to take the time and understand what these features do. These include the aperture, focus, shutter, and sensor. These will affect what you do by the end of the day.

The list above is a good place to start so as not to entirely miss it. Walk into a store and take a few photos as you get a feel for the camera before making a choice. Try fitting it into a pocket or so for a compatibility check and then make a purchase.

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