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12 Common Beginner Photography Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

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The photography industry is growing and expanding every day. Most people consider and take photography as a career choice and as a source of their income. From time to time some new photographers enter the industry and try to make a name for themselves. Some photographers are naturally gifted and others are highly trained and have excellent and exceptional photography skills.

However, the chances are that every beginner photographer is prone to make inevitable mistakes. Making mistakes in photography does not qualify you to be a lousy photographer. A newbie photographer who makes mistakes while taking photos and capturing images should not feel inadequate or discouraged, mostly because most photographers even the experienced ones have made the same photography mistakes.

Newbie photographers are advised to learn from their mistakes. The Chances are that learning from their mistakes will make them great photographers. Newbie photography mistakes are also the easiest to fix. Here are some of the common mistakes that beginners make in photography.

Always using automatic mode

Due to advancing technology, many cameras nowadays come and have an automatic mode. Yes, the automatic mode will automatically configure your camera settings while capturing photos, thus making your photography experience and photography life easier.

However, despite the advantages of automatic mode, photographers especially newbies are advised not to use it. It limits you from becoming creative and developing your photography skills. A photographer using and relying heavily on automatic modes and settings needs to switch to manual mode gradually.

Common Beginner Photography Mistakes 1

Thinking that expensive photography gear will make an exceptional photographer

Most newbie photographers think and believe that owning the fanciest and most expensive cameras will make them great photographers. Yes, great photographers indeed use the most elegant and most expensive cameras, but this is because with time they have acquired the advanced knowledge and skills to use and operate the expensive cameras.  It is advisable for an individual who is starting to take photographs to use the less complicated camera, even if they are capable of buying the more complex cameras. They should first understand the necessary knowledge and skills required in photography.

Not learning photography basics

Most beginner photographers do not care to learn and understand the basics of photography. For you to be an exceptional photographer, you have to understand the basics of photography. You can attend beginner classes and get an opportunity to learn about the essential aspects and tools in photography. Apart from classes, one can learn and gather information on photography on the internet. Also, you should learn and know how to operate your camera. Try to understand the use of every button.  The manual comes hand in hand in helping the newbie photographer understand the function of each key. A newbie should ensure that they learn about light and the significant role of light in photography.

Being afraid to try something new

Photography requires an individual to be creative and poses unique photography skills. For you to be a great photographer, you will have to take risks. In other words, as a beginner photographer, you should not be afraid to try out new things. You should not be scared to take risks and be creative. Creativity is critical when it comes to photography.

Taking photos from a conventional viewpoint

Newbie photographers make the common mistake of capturing images and taking pictures from a conventional viewpoint. Taking pictures from a conventional viewpoint is taking and capturing a photo from the middle position, and that is it. To be an exemplary photographer, you should be vast and pretty much aware of angles. A newbie should try using other angles thus giving them experience in photography.  He or she should try to take photos from the bottom and others from an aerial view.

Not asking for help

Common Beginner Photography Mistakes 3

Most new photographers are always afraid to seek help and guidance from other experienced photographers. For you to become a skilled and exemplary photographer, you ought to have advice and learn from the best in the industry. Ask questions whenever necessary, but make sure you do not ask too many questions, this is because you may sound annoying.

Blurry photos

Taking and producing blurry images is one of the most common mistakes that beginner photographers make.  Blurry photos come about due to the following reasons:

  • Not focusing the camera on the right spot on the image
  • Capturing a subject in motion, whereas the shutter is too slow
  • Shaking of the camera due to external forces such as wind
  • Shaking and movements by the photographer

The flash

It is a common mistake that most newbie photographers make while learning to take photos. Most of them do not know when to turn the flash on and when to turn it off.  For instance, it is advisable to turn off flash when capturing distant images. Most new photographers believe that it is a must to use the flash when taking photos at night. It is wrong at night the flash will light up dust particles thus reducing the quality of the image.

Overexposed and underexposed photos

It is a common mistake among upcoming photographers. However as time goes by, this becomes a tiny problem that can be solved by using cameras with an automatic mode option.

Not using a tripod

Most photographers who are new to the photographing industry do not invest in photographing equipment. The majority of these newbies do not own, and they do not use a tripod. A tripod is useful when taking distant pictures, it enhances autofocus and produces high-quality photos instead of blurry ones.

Depending on one weather to take photos

Some are only able to take and capture images in one kind of weather. New photographers prefer to take pictures under warm, dry weather and also sunny weather. It is advisable for you as a photographer to try different types of weather.

Shooting at eye level

It is normal for photographers to capture images at eye level. Regardless of it being natural, taking pictures at eye level is boring. It is advisable to change your perspective from time to time, maybe place the camera above your head or even crouch. When you enter the photography industry, you will face a lot of challenges, and you will make a lot of mistakes. As a newbie photographer, you should not give up but learn from your mistakes.

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