5 Best Photography Lighting Kits for Beginners (Updated 2021)

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Whether you do photography as a passion or a profession, it is essential to invest in high-quality equipment. This will go a long way in ensuring that you capture clear and quality images. Photography lighting kits not only help to focus light on objects but also make it possible to visualize how the light will appear in the image. This is why both beginners and seasoned photographers should choose the best lighting kits.

However, with the wide range of options in the market, beginners can find this exercise to be overwhelming. If you are to save time and make your work easier, you should know the features to look for. The lighting kit provides continuous lighting and features multiple switches for adjusting brightness. Here is what you need to know about photography lighting kits for beginners.

Top 5 Best Photography Lighting Kits for Beginners Reviews

Photography lighting kits come in all shapes and sizes. This means that you will have to take time to determine and choose the right kit for your needs and requirements. Here are reviews of some of the best photography lighting kits to make your work easier when shopping around for the right equipment:

1. Best Overall: Fovitec Studio Pro 2500-Watt

If you want to open up endless creative possibilities, you should consider buying this Fovitec lighting kit. The versatile kit is perfect for both photography and video. It is also easy to use, making it great for beginners and professionals alike. The good news is that no camera syncing is required, a factor that gives you the flexibility to use it with any camera. But what makes this lighting kit the best for a beginner photographer?

One of the main benefits of this kit is that it contains softboxes, stands, a boom stand, and a carry case. This not only offers convenience but also makes the kit perfect for multiple uses. Beginners can use it for photography, which includes portraits, headshots, and product photography. It also works great for videos such as YouTube tutorials, vlogging, company videos, interviews, and live streaming.

The added boom light makes it easy to create a beautiful hair light and makes the subject pop from the background. The continuous lighting that this kit delivers allows you to try out different techniques as you seek to improve your photography skills. This kit features 45W fluorescent lamps that ensure color accuracy and bright-white 5500K bulbs for daylight color temperature.

The adjustable height of the stands lets you loosen and tighten the stands, locking them into the desired position so you can focus the light properly. With this kit, you will have the freedom to decide which bulbs to use during your shoots by using the rocker switches to adjust light angle and output. This gives beginners the room they need to bring their creativity to life.

This kit produces a broad light ray so you can play with shadows and create a glow for the perfect shot. The soft and balanced light helps with lines, disguises blemishes, and improves tones, effectively helping to create depth in your images. The different components of this kit remain cool to touch, making them ideal for a wide range of applications and helping to reduce your electricity costs. The softboxes collapse into the compact carrying bag and open up easily to ensure a quick setup.

  • Great light quality and amount.
  • Good build quality that stands up too many years of use.
  • The lightweight design of the components promotes portability.
  • Multiple switches for adjusting brightness, tilt, and height.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The stands feel a bit wobbly.
  • Not ideal for traveling and on-site shoots.

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2. Second, Best Overall: StudioFX 2400-Watt

The StudioFX 2400-Watt lighting kit is also a great option for beginner photographers looking to achieve professional results. Featuring two softboxes and one hair light boom softbox, This studio portrait video lighting kit is complete, and nothing additional is required to make it work. The lights work great with digital DSLR cameras and are ideal not only for beginners but for all-level photographers. Here are some of the reasons why this lighting kit is the best.

The versatile nature of this lighting kit ensures that beginners can practice their photography skills regardless of their interests. You can use the lighting kit for product photography since the natural white light helps to enhance the quality of the images you take of products. Taking the photos, yourself will save you both time and money. The three-light system is also great for natural portraits, allowing you to set up a home studio and take professional photos for your social media needs. Lastly, constant lighting provides a great way to meet your video project needs. When making YouTube videos or live streaming content, you will not have to wait for the perfect time of day to shoot your project. The kit is also ideal for portraits, studio, and photography, ensuring that beginners can focus on their area of interest.

This lighting kit includes a boom overhead light that delivers unobtrusive lighting and can be rotated easily for the perfect angle and focus on the subject. There is also a studio-quality and five-light bank holder that helps to eliminate glare and promotes even distribution of light for superior performance. It also features switches that let you control each of the bulbs individually. This gives you great control so you can adjust lighting according to your unique studio setup needs.

Other reasons why this lighting kit is great for beginners are that it offers convenience. The lightweight design makes it portable so you can shoot in different environments, while the quick setup makes it possible for you to achieve professional results. The continuous lighting kit delivers high light output so you can shoot both video and stills.

  • Great light for indoor shooting.
  • Perfect lighting kit for people who run YouTube channels and Vlogs.
  • The parts are easy to fold.
  • An excellent choice for buyers with a small budget.
  • Can be used in both small and big spaces.
  • The stands are very stable.
  • The bulbs get damaged easily when packed up.

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3. Best Budget: LimoStudio 700-Watt

If you have just walked into the world of photography and are looking for the right budget-friendly lighting equipment, you should consider buying the LimoStudio lighting kit. The set includes three stands, three bulbs, and bulb sockets, two umbrella reflectors, and two carrying bags. This makes the equipment easy to set up and promotes portability to offer any photographer or videomaker the convenience they need.

The adjustable stands are made of lightweight aluminum, a material that promotes portability while at the same time ensuring durability. The 6500K color temperature bulbs fit perfectly in the bulb socket heads, allowing you to easily make angle adjustments so you can focus light on the subject. One of the most notable features of this lighting kit is the umbrellas that are made from thin, translucent nylon material. The white, reflective material absorbs the hard light and ensures light spreads evenly so you can eliminate glare and reduce shadows. This allows you to get an image with the least contrast and soft light. These umbrellas open like the regular ones and lock into place, so your studio setup remains intact throughout the shooting session. Another advantage of the umbrellas is that they work well with any flash or lighting fixture, giving beginner photographers the room, they need to develop their skills.

Although the kit does not produce very much light, it works well when used in environments with some other lighting. This includes sunlight or the lights in your house. One of the strengths of the kit is that it eliminates problems arising from existing light sources, making it ideal for shooting YouTube videos, taking portraits as well as amateur product photography. The stands feature standard-size screw threads on top of the heads to ensure universal mounting capability and have three solid legs that promote stability.

The process of setting up this lighting kit is straightforward, a factor that saves you time and effort. This also provides a frustration-free experience, regardless of whether you are working in an actual studio or a studio garage. The three 45W photo CFL bulbs are designed to consume less energy so you can take photos and shoot videos for a long.

  • Affordable lighting kit for amateur photographers.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The lights are very bright.
  • All the components fit in the carrying bags.
  • Minimal parts.
  • The stands look cheap and do not provide adequate stability.
  • The bags and umbrellas feature-poor stitching.

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4. Best Value: Neewer 800-Watt 5500K

This Neewer lighting kit is for beginner photographers looking to invest in equipment that will offer them value for their money. The kit includes four light stands, two single headlight holders, four daylight bulbs, two umbrellas, two softboxes, a background stand support system, and two carry bags. The continuous lighting kit is designed to help you shoot both video and still images in different environments.

The 45W day-light studio light bulbs produce enough light to let you capture the perfect shot, while the 5500K fluorescent spiral bulb generates light that almost matches natural daylight for a crisp view of the items being illuminated. This makes the lighting kit perfect for photography lighting. The light stands are made of aluminum alloy, giving them exceptional strength for heavy-duty work. Aluminum construction ensures that the stands are lightweight and collapse easily for simple storage and transport. They also feature quick single-action locks that let you achieve height adjustment with precision. These stands have three legs stages that ensure solid safety and increased stability during photo shoots. There is a single headlight holder for attaching a bulb to the nightstand and including an umbrella. This light holder is made of high-impact plastic and aluminum that hold up against tough working conditions.

A muslin backdrop and background stand support system lets you take unique and quality photographs. The background kit is designed for television, video production, and digital photography, giving beginner photographers great flexibility. Two white translucent umbrellas reflect and diffuse the light from any studio flash source or tungsten and produce even lighting, so you have the perfect conditions for the best shots possible. Softbox also spreads out the light output to eliminate glare and remove shadows, effectively making it easy to focus on the object. The E27 socket allows you to connect light bulbs, a slave flash, or fluorescent lamps so you can have additional light.

When you buy this lighting kit, you get two heavy-duty carry bags that promote simple storage and easy transportation. This allows you to practice your photography skills, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Quality lighting for capturing professional photographs.
  • Lightweight but high-quality materials.
  • The tripods do hold the weight of the umbrellas.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Great value in many ways.
  • The backdrop and backdrop stand are of good quality.
  • Directions are not included.

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5. Best for Product Photography: ESDDI Photo Studio lightbox

If you are an amateur photographer looking for the best lighting kit for product photography, this is one of the options you need to consider. The lighting kit has several amazing features that will not only help to improve your skills but also meet your needs. With a simple and compact design, you will be in a great position to set up your studio almost anywhere and take professional-quality pictures. Here are a few reasons why you may want to think about buying this photo studio lighting kit.

One of the most notable features of this lighting kit is the 120 LED lamps that adjust brightness quality without distortion or flicker. The 5500K color temperature is perfect for shooting photos with any camera or smartphone, making this a great product for people who run an e-commerce business. The lighting kit includes a diffuser that helps to avoid glare on shiny items like jewelry. It also allows you to try out different background colors so you can get the best look for your items. The good news is that the lighting kit features a unique design that promotes portability. The hoop and loop design ensures you can easily carry it from place to place as well as set up your mobile studio anywhere. Assembly is not complicated, and once you are done, you will simply fold the booth and put it inside a small storage bag containing your other supplies.

This lighting kit has several openings so you can choose the best photo shooting position. The professional particulate silver film fabric not only reflects light but also diffuses it evenly to let you achieve professional results. There is a dimmer rotary knob that makes it easy to adjust brightness, while an aluminum shell light plate dissipates heat and ensures long-lasting use.

Apart from being lightweight and portable, this lighting kit sits comfortably on your desk. This allows you to check the quality of your photos on the computer immediately after taking them. The unique design also features a waterproof outer material for durability and superior performance. There is also an external small mesh pocket that you can use to store several small items.

  • A great lightbox that is sturdy and easy to set up.
  • No need for extra light to get professional pictures.
  • Perfect product for beginners.
  • Great for traveling.
  • The lighting is consistent.
  • Flaps that allow for different shooting positions cannot stay open.
  • The inside fabric is not reflective enough.

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Things to Consider before Buy

Buying the best photography lighting kit can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. You need to know the features to look for and the factors to consider. One of the most important things to keep in mind is your style of photography and the reasons for buying the lighting kit. Here are a few things you should be mindful of if you are to make your work easier.

Type of light source

When choosing photo lighting equipment, you should consider the type of light source. Generally, there are three types of light sources: continuous light, strobe light, and flash. While continuous lights emit light continuously, strobe lights are used with a softbox or umbrella and produce high-intensity light for a short time. A flash, on the other hand, is simply a strobe that is smaller and less bulky.


In addition to deciding the right type of light source for you, you should focus on the wattage that the lighting system offers. Mostly, lights with high wattage tend to be bright and will create optimal conditions when combined with bouncers and reflectors.

The temperature of the light source

The temperature of a light source can be said to be a white balance. Natural light, which is considered the most ideal for photography, has a temperature of 5500 Kelvin. When shopping for a photography lighting kit for beginners, you should ensure that the temperature of the equipment is close to that of natural light.

Light intensity

Light plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your photographs. Some of the photography lighting equipment will let you adjust the intensity of the light. Sometimes, adding a diffuser to the equipment will allow you to adjust the power. However, strobes come with a switch that you can use to control power. Some softboxes and umbrellas feature several layers of diffusers for changing light intensity.


A good photography lighting kit should include all the accessories you need. As a beginner, some of the components you need to focus on include a broad source of light, an umbrella or softbox, a hair light, fill light, and a general-purpose light for the background.

Your needs and budget

It is also essential to consider your needs and budget when making a decision. When it comes to your needs, think about the amount of space you have available, the purpose to which you want to put the equipment and whether you will be moving your studio from one place to another. Lastly, just like with any other product, you should have your budget in mind. However, you should never compromise on quality to save money.

Bottom line

Amateur photographers need photography lighting kits that will allow them to develop their skills and have fun while at it. However, with the wide range of options available, buying the best kit can be a daunting and time-consuming process. To pick and buy the right equipment for your needs, you should familiarize yourself with the different options available. You can also try the various lighting kits to identify the ones that will help you meet your needs. Make sure the lighting kit you go for offers you the convenience and flexibility you need to take the perfect shots.

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