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How to Use Lighting Equipment for Photography – A Starter Guide

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One of the main ingredients in each photograph you take is light. However, most photographers decide to make use of other artificial sources of light to take the images they want. This means that for photography to work, you must have a source of light, and therefore, light is essential in photography.

As a photographer, you must be sure of the lighting equipment that you require to produce each type of photography. This is because there are different types of lighting equipment that are perfect for different kinds of photography.

In case you are looking forward to purchasing some lighting equipment for photography, the following article might be beneficial since it discusses different lighting equipment you can use and how to use them in photography.


They are electronic lighting equipment that is used in photography. The flashlights produce a light that is very bright when you are taking photographs. The following are some of the equipment that is used:


Most photographers use flashes as their sources of light. The flash can either come with your camera or even have an external one. One disadvantage of using flashes is that you cannot use them when it is sunny.


The strobes are powerful bigger than flashes. Strobes require to be plugged into power when using them. However, others have an internal battery.

Continuous lighting equipment

This type of lighting equipment is significant in photography, especially when you are taking photographs of inanimate objects and also products.

These kits produce continuous lighting, meaning that the lights are ever on and hence you can see how the light will be appearing to the objects or products you have even before you begin the shoot.

For this easy, you can adjust the light easily and quickly. Continuous lighting skits are mostly recommended for beginners since they are easy to use. When you are purchasing this lighting equipment, you can choose using the following sources of light:


The floodlights are mainly used in stages and stadiums, especially by the DJs. In case this is the equipment of your choice, you must ensure that you plug it into a source of power. The floodlights can only be used in indoor events.

LED panels

The lighting emitting diode panels have become very popular in the recent past. You can carry them to any place you feel like at any time because they are portable and convenient.

The fact that they are not bright they are still good at photography. These panels make use of electroluminescence and semiconductors to produce light. The LED panels have moving electrons that are on the semiconductor, thereby making it work.

Light modifiers

These are some equipment that is used in the lighting equipment as attachments. The modifiers are therefore not sources of light but are shapers of light. They are used in shaping the light you are using in photography in different ways, thereby making you produce a better image. Some examples of light modifiers are:

Colour gels

These are transparent color strips that are used in photography to produce excellent colors for the objects you are shooting. They are used especially when you have lights available.

Bounce cards

They have a unique shape which makes them be known as reflector cards. The bounce cards are made of flexible materials then are attached to flash units. This makes it easy for you to shape as you want so that you can shape your light.


The snoot is a piece of lighting equipment that is not that different from the others only that it focuses on a single spot of light. For this reason, they are used in taking photographs of objects or products and subjects standing against any dark background.

Barn doors

They are usually in the form of 4 leaves that are mostly attached to floodlights and strobes to ensure that the light angle is controlled. The leaves on the barn doors are always moving and not stationary.


There are times when you get sheets that are white and portrait. To avoid this, you should ensure that you use the softboxes since they are perfect for softening light. They are present in various shapes and also sizes.


They are always translucent white. The umbrellas are used to soften or diffuse just like the softboxes do. However, the umbrella is different from the softbox in the way it is spread.

Honeycomb grids

Light requires to be straightened to ensure that it is not scattered. The best equipment that is commonly used is the honeycomb grind.


The diffuser is equipment that you can place on your flash to ensure that the flash is producing a soft light. This thereby makes the image you are shooting better.

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