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5 Best Third Party Flashes for Canon Cameras in 2022 [Buying Guide]

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Are you looking for a third-party flash for your canon camera? Finding a speed-lite or a flash for your camera requires you to ascertain specific things. Always ensure it suits your needs regardless of your experience in photography.

Here are some of the best third-party flash for canon you are likely to come across:

Best Third-Party Flashes for Canon Cameras (Reviews)

Godox TT600: (best camera flash for canon)
Godox TT600

Best camera flash for canon: Godox TT600

  • The flash is compatible with top brand cameras including Canon, Nikon, and Pentax among others.
  • Its net weight of 1.15 pounds makes it easier to mount and travel with it without breaking a sweat.
  • It has a 2.4g radio transmission, making it easier to transmit signals when shooting a video regardless of the distance between the user and the object.
  • With High-speed sync, it can easily connect with an aperture to fill flash on a portrait setup.
  • Its high guide number allows it to produce exceptional images.

The Godox TT600 is a third-party flash designed for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji, and other top camera brands. The flash boasts of the ability to produce natural images and videos thanks to its vertical rotating angle ranging from 7-90 degrees. With a radio transmission, it can sieve through sounds to bring out the best recording experience. Other accessories such as a min stand, protection case, instruction manual, diffuser, and filters.

Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II: (best external flash for canon)
Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II

Best external flash for Canon: Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II

  • Though its price is slightly higher than its counterparts, its features and functionality justify it.
  • It can be used as a master-slave because it supports wireless flash shooting to tinker with the other brands.
  • Its radio triggers itself if you are on an off-camera setup. The flash units you will use will also influence its performance.
  • Its durable casing prevents it from getting spoilt in harsh weather conditions.
  • It is compatible with TTL/M/Multi flash along with other canon-affiliated features including the High-speed sync (HSS).
  • It can add some purple to the flare of light to produce a more natural image. This is something any newbie would want when working with them.

Before technology took over the world of photography, it was mandatory to buy the same brand flash unit, to enhance compatibility between the flash and the camera. All that changed when Yongnou YN600EX-RT II was discovered. Its high guide number explains why it comes with a radio slave for canon cameras.

Neewer TT560: (best budget flash for canon)
Neewer TT560

Best budget flash for Canon: Neewer TT560

  • It has some outstanding features to justify the price. You will hardly find a Speedlite with durable casings, overheating protection, and a power saver.
  • Its inner circuits don’t overheat even when they are triggered more than ten times. Its self-cooling system will set it back on track.
  • It can closely work with light from other sources even when on slave mode.
  • It is compatible with devices from top brands including Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, etc.

Are you a professional photographer with a tight budget? The Neewer TT560, powered by the Slant Community is the Speedlite to buy. Not only is it cheap, but it is also reliable for people who do photography for a living. This means that newbies may find it difficult to operate such a device until they are trained. Still, the beginner can read through the manual and test it out before taking it to the field.

Altura AP-N1001: (best professional flash for canon)
Altura AP-N1001

Best professional flash for Canon: Altura AP-N1001

  • Its powerful flash number is a clear indication that it produces sleek and natural images just like any newbie deserves.
  • Its easy-to-assemble manual can make any beginner’s work easier. You are required to slide the transmitter onto your camera’s hot-shoe along with the flash onto the receiver. And voila!
  • Its flash sync speeds up to 1/250s are an essential element in promoting the wireless shutter release.
  • The flash is compatible with all Nikon digital cameras, making it easier for Nikon buyers to make an informed choice.
  • The flash is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can always take it back to your provider or ask for a refund if you aren’t contented with its quality.

Are you interested in a high-quality and affordable photography flash? Altura photo is one of the best third-party flashes for Nikon you will ever come across in professional digital photography. It contains some of the best features to suit the demands of a modern photographer. It is designed for portrait photographers in enclosed spaces or outdoors.

Godox V1-C: (best value flash for canon)
Godox V1-C

Best value flash for Canon: Godox V1-C

  • This flash contains robust features, making it perfect for in-house and outdoor shooting spaces.
  • It has an adjustable built-in LED lamp that emits light in darker places and harmonizes light in daylight settings. It also acts as the backup light when there is a power outage.
  • It comes with plenty of accessories including a battery, charger, USB charging cable, and per gear color filters among others.
  • Its flash duration of 1/300 to 1/20000 seconds makes it easier for photographers to take as many images as they can. Later, you can select the images you would like to save from those that weren’t taken professionally.

Those who have used Godox products before can attest to its high-quality lights. This is one of the things most photographers are probably looking for, which is why they would recommend this Speedlite flash from the rest. Could it be what you are looking for?

Things to Consider Before Buying A Third Party Flash for Canon

Whether you are using your canon camera for professional or leisure services, an on-camera flash is an essential accessory. Not only does it add light when it gets dark, but it also balances the unstable conditions in daylight. Take the following factors into consideration before buying a Speedlite flash:

Check if it is an on-camera, off-camera, or an on-camera flash

An on-camera flash can be connected to your camera. They are often used off-camera, which is different from other strobe-light sources. Though these strobes aren’t supposed to be directly connected to the camera, they rely on self-sufficient power.

The automatic technology

Any legit flash device that is being sold in the market must come with manual controls. The user also needs to understand how the shutter speeds and apertures work to produce light as it is required. Guide numbers are systematic, which is why they are presented in a numerical format. If you aren’t conversant with the numerical formats in the manual, you can ask your provider to clarify it for you.

Does it have a radio transmission?

Most modern flashes are fitted with HSS features that allow them to transmit signals to the user. Whether you want to use it in a plainland or a rugged place, it should produce natural images. In case you are recording a live experience, the radio transmission will help in sieving unwanted sounds in the background.


Most people believe that the higher the price of a given commodity, the better it is. Some of these Speedlite flashes are worth more than their counterparts. What is the justification behind the pricing? If it had a predecessor from the same company, then the price will be higher for a much-improved version. It means other essential features have been added to give photographers an easy time. However, it is advisable to go for the one that suits your demand, instead of spending much on something that doesn’t fulfill your obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Speedlite/Flash?

Choosing the right flash can be stressful at times, but if you do it right, you can get the best flash that will never frustrate you. This will require you to consider several factors and know some details about the best flash in the market. With the right information about the flash that you need to buy, you will not make any mistakes that may cost you later. The following are some of the things that you must know before buying your flash or Speedlite.

The amount of power that the flash can produce

One of the essential things that determine the type of images that you will take using your camera flash is the output power of the flash. This is why you must know the amount of output power that your flash has. The output power of your flash should be adequate. For this reason, you must make sure that you select the flash or Speedlite that has a maximum amount of output power.

The average recycles time of the flash

The recycle time is the time between the two flashes. The recycling time of different flashes varies, and hence you must compare the average amount of recycling time of different flashes. Make sure that you are selecting a flash that allows the best recycle time.

The cost of the flashes and the amount you can afford

The other important thing that you need to know before buying the flash is the cost of the flash. Make sure that you have done your research from different markets and also online platforms so that you can have a rough idea of the amount of money you are likely to require. You also need to know about the amount of money that you have set to buy the flash. This will help you in purchasing the flash that will fit your budget.

The features that the flash has

A flash cannot be complete when it does not have the required features. This is why you need to know something about the essential features that the flash should have so that you can have the capability of counter-checking your flash before you buy it. Some of the vital elements that you should know about include TTL metering, autofocus and auto-zoom, manual control, and temperature control features.

How do I pick the best?

Flashes are essential accessories for most cameras since they add light when you are taking photographs or recording videos in rooms that are dark or when it is generally dark. The flashes thereby make sure that the pictures you receive under such circumstances are balanced just like when you take them during the day.

Selecting a flash, especially the third-party flash for canon, is one of the stressful things. However, when you are careful, you will be able to buy the right one. The following article describes how I chose the best third-party flash for my canon.

The first factor that I put very much concern on is the power of the flash. The power of the flash and especially the output power are some of the essential things that will determine how perfect a canon can work. This is why I selected a third-party flash for a canon that has excellent output power. For this reason, the flash can emit as much light as I require when taking photographs.

I was checking on the features that the flash has before buying was also crucial in selecting the third-party flash for a canon. There are several features that every flash for a canon that is very necessary. Some of these features include wireless flash control, weatherproof flash, autofocus assist beam, manual control, autozoom, swivel and tilt, and TTL metering. All these features are essential in every third-party flash for a canon, and hence I checked on these features before buying my flash.

I also researched the longevity of different third-party flashes and made a comparison of my findings. This is because there are those flashes that will take a very long time for you to do some replacement while there are those that take a shorter time. This helped me select a flash that takes a long time before they need replacement.

The other last thing that I did is setting a budget. This was very important since it helped me, e in identify the third-party flash that fitted my budget and was also perfect for my canon.

Are Third-party flashes best for canon?

Many people select to buy third-party flashes for their canon, maybe because the brand of the flash is famous. Other people will wonder whether the third-party flashes are perfect for the canon and whether there is another brand that produces better flashes than the third-party flashes. There are so many things that have made the third-party flash for the canon to be a perfect brand for so many people today. The following are some of the things that have proven the worth of the third-party flash for canon.

The price

One of the main things that make the third-party flash perfect for canons is their prices. There are so many companies that sell flashes, but their prices are way over the costs of the third-party flashes for canon. Although the third-party flash for canons is sold at lower prices, the quality of the flash has always been very perfect.

The third-party flash has a rechargeable battery that is made from lithium-ion

When you are buying the third-party flash for your canon, you are also given a rechargeable battery made of lithium-ion. For this reason, when you are using your flash for long hours, all you need to do is to make sure that you have fully charged your battery before you begin using the battery. This assures you that you will work without any stress.

The flash has a perfect power output

The quality of light produced by any flash is determined by the amount of power output of the flash. There are those flashes that have higher power output, while others have meager power output. The other thing that makes the third-party flash to be perfect for your canon is that it produces high-quality light since its power output is excellent.


Have you gotten your camera ready? Is it in good condition? If yes, you aren’t ready for the breathtaking shooting moment you will have when you add a Speedlite flash to it.  Of course, you will come across many versions, many of which have the latest features. However, you need to assess your needs and match them to the flash device you want to buy. If the price discourages you from buying a specific brand, you can still choose from the wide range of devices from selected stores. If you are a risk-taker, there is no harm in spending what you have to get what you deserve. Have a flashy shooting experience.

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