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6 Best Tripods for Sony A7iii & A7riii in 2022 [Buying Guide]

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It’s hard getting a perfect shot, even when you’re using Sony A7iii or A7riii camera. You have to pay attention to details to capture the desired shot. It’s hard to do all this while still carrying your camera with you. Some shots require to be as steady or as patient as possible, which can be tiring if you prefer shooting by holding your camera. That’s why you need a tripod to mount the camera.

This accessory not only adds swag to your photo shoots, but it also takes the load of carrying the camera all the time from your hand. Since you’re already operating with a great Sony A7iii or A7riii camera, you need a tripod that not only matches this class but also complements the camera.

Which are the best tripods for sony a7iii and a7riii?

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Image Features

SIRUI AM2-Series AM-254

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  • Carbon fiber material
  • 1200 micron maximum height
  • Semi-automatic leg angle lock
  • 1/4 “Reversible cap screw
  • Very lightweight

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB

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  • Made of aluminum material
  • Anti-shock ring
  • Premium magnesium die-cast canopy
  • Swivel Stop-n-Lock system
  • Quick set-up because of the easy-release button

Manfrotto Befree Advanced

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  • It’s a ball heads tripod
  • Maximum height of 60 inches
  • Compatible with DSLR cameras
  • Made of aluminum
  • M-Lock and QPL Lever lock

Neewer 72.4 Inch

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  • Magnesium aluminum alloy
  • Compatible with DSLR cameras
  • 72 inches maximum height
  • It has four legs sections
  • 28mm leg diameter

Torjim 60 Inch

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  • Pan heads tripods
  • Smooth 3-way swivel head
  • Wireless remote shutter control
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Strong and durable

Amazon Basics 60 Inch

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  • It has a maximum height of 158cm
  • It’s made of aluminum
  • It supports GoPro devices
  • Quick-release mounting plate
  • Built-in bubble view

Best Tripods for Sony A7iii & A7riii (Reviews)

In this article, we will go through the six best tripods for Sony A7iii and A7riii and show why you need to buy them. We will highlight their strengths and what makes them uniquely qualified for this task.

At the end of the article, you will have a clear idea of what to look for when in the market for a tripod, as well as answer any questions and concerns you might have in our FAQ section. Read on to learn more:

SIRUI AM2-Series AM-254: (best tripod for sony a7iii)

SIRUI AM2-Series AM-254: (best tripod for sony a7iii)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or if you do it for fun, this tripod is designed to withstand any weather conditions. Made of carbon fiber, the manufacturer ensured a longer lifespan capable of lasting for years.

The 10-layer carbon fiber doesn’t only make this tripod light to carry but can also withstand vibrations and a change in temperatures. For longevity, the manufacturers have made it waterproof to make sure it serves you no matter where you plan to shoot.

It’s also very easy to carry and store as you only need to fold the legs and it can fit in your suitcase. What’s even interesting is the fact that you can adjust the height from 3.1” to shoot images at a lower angle or to an incredible 47.2” for elevated shots. This feature is made possible by the removable rubber feet. These rubber feet can also be replaced with steel spiked feet if you want more stability when shooting.

Regarding operating the devices, it comes equipped with twist locks ½ turn that allows you enough room to tighten and loosen the device. The semi-automatic leg angle lock also helps to improve tripod stability when shooting by holding it steadily in place. On matters regarding stability, the manufacturers went through the trouble of eliminating the central column that might prove monotonous when shooting on uneven surfaces.

Mounting the camera on this tripod is very straightforward due to a large aluminum head mounting plate that supports a majority of cameras.

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  • It supports a maximum load capacity of 2kg
  • It’s very lightweight, weighing only 1kg
  • It comes with a 6-year warranty
  • It’s versatile to support different cameras
  • It doesn’t have the smartphone mounting option

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB: (best tripod for sony a7riii)

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB: (best tripod for sony a7riii)

If you need a professional and good-looking tripod for your Sony A7iii and A7riii, then this device is for you. Everything about it, from its design to the key features, oozes class and elegance. For starters, the legs have three settings; 25°, 50°, and 80°to allow you to shoot at any height you prefer.

These settings can be controlled through the easy-release button that allows quick set-up.  There is also the issue of the central column that is hexagon-shaped to fold to an incredible 180° to give you various shooting angles both vertically and horizontally.

The tripod is made of a premium magnesium die-cast canopy that has been known to have a longer lifespan. It’s also capable of withstanding shock and impact due to the anti-shock ring, which is a feature exclusively found on this device and a few others.

The device is also very easy and straightforward to use and operate. There is the Swivel Stop-n-Lock system that helps to reposition the central column in only one movement and can be achieved within seconds while still keeping your tripod stable.

Performance-wise is where this device impresses a lot. It comes equipped with rubber feet that have a non-slip capability to help hold the tripod in place when shooting in wet places. There is also the removable tripod hook to hang this accessory when not using it. You also get a carry case to store and carry this tripod easily.

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  • Outstanding loading capacity up to 15lbs
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber gives it a longer lifespan
  • It’s very light, weighing only 5.4lbs
  • It can handle a huge number of cameras
  • You can only mount a camera and not a phone

Manfrotto Befree Advanced: (best value tripod for sony a7iii)

Manfrotto Befree Advanced: (best value tripod for sony a7iii)

As a photographer, it’s closely referred to as taboo if you leave your home without this tripod. For starters, its beautiful design makes it attractive to the eye. The aluminum casing is beautifully crafted to remain shiny, with the rubber casings adding an aesthetic appeal.

In terms of performance, this is where this device shines a lot. It comes equipped with Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss head attachment which you can configure to your liking or combine with another standard head attachment.

Safety is another area the manufacturer has improved on, and they have included the QPL Travel and spider locking system, which guarantees maximum stability regardless of the situation. This allows you to increase the precision of your shot.

It’s also versatile enough to accommodate different cameras while also allowing you the ability to adjust the height with the camera still mounted and not lose focus. The legs move independently, adding more stability without worrying about cooking your shot.

If you’re looking for a premium tripod, then this product is for you as it comes equipped with a 494 central ball head that can handle an impressive load capacity and can be adjusted without interfering with the camera.

What about operating this device? Does it take much effort? Well, it doesn’t since it comes equipped with side-pull selectors, which get you ready within seconds. This saves you time and doesn’t interfere with your creative side. You also get outstanding customer support to help you out in case you experience problems with your device.

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  • Very light, weighing only 4/7lbs
  • It has a maximum of 60” in height
  • It can handle up to 16lbs of weight
  • It only has a minimum height of 15.7 inches

Neewer 72.4 Inch: (best budget tripod for sony a7iii)

Neewer 72.4 Inch: (best budget tripod for sony a7iii)

If you need a simple-to-use tripod that works well with a majority of cameras, then this device is for you. For starters, you can adjust each leg’s angle flexibly to allow you to use it on any platform.

The locking knob on the legs allows you to adjust the legs to any desired angle and height, making it one of the easiest tripods to operate. The stability is further enhanced through the 28mm diameter tubes that make the legs, allowing you to switch between the heights easily.

On matters regarding height, you can choose the minimum height of 26.4”, allowing you to take low-leveled shots, and a maximum height of 72.4” which allows you to take elevated shots easily. To improve the stability, the manufacturer has included the dense sponge grip that allows adds more grip and acts as anti-skid capabilities and keeps the device warm during the cold season.

You can change this device into a monopod by removing one leg or even a walking stick. The monopod can have a maximum height of 20.7”, allowing you to take elevated shots.

You can loosen or tighten the ball head while planning to mount or dismount the camera through the main locking knob on the ball head. For precise adjustments, the friction control knob helps to control the locking knob’s friction. The panning knob, on the other hand, is responsible for allowing a 360° head rotation for panoramas.

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  • It has a maximum load capacity of 33lb
  • It comes with a twist-lock leg lock type
  • It’s also very light, weighing only 4.7lb
  • It only comes in black color

Torjim 60 Inch: (best affordable tripod for sony a7riii)

Torjim 60 Inch: (best affordable tripod for sony a7riii)

For someone in need of an outstanding tripod capable of handling different cameras without compromising on the quality, then this device is for you. You’ll notice the strength in the performance where the tripod is capable of rotating 360° and is capable of tilting vertically and horizontally. Due to this feature, you’re able to take your shots at any angle without the need or readjusting every time you want to change the angle.

The manufacturer also built this device to last longer, given how they invested to make it stronger. It’s made of aluminum alloy, which gives it a stronger frame and longer lifespan. The aluminum alloy is also light to carry, making it very portable to move around.

Stability is also another area where this device thrives. They have included rubber feet and leg braces which makes it possible for this device to hold in place even during windy conditions. The non-slip capability comes in handy when you’re shooting on a wet surface.

Other than mounting a camera, this tripod is perfect to use with a  smartphone. It allows a wireless operation that you can interact with using a hand-held remote control. The remote control also allows you to navigate between the Android and iOS operating systems. The remote has an ON/OFF switch for easy operation. It supports Android 6 and above and iOS 4.2 and above. The remote is powered by removable batteries that are included in the package.

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  • It comes with a ¼” quick release plate
  • It supports 11 pounds of weight
  • It supports Bluetooth wireless connection
  • The item doesn’t come with an instruction manual

Amazon Basics 60 Inch: (best lightweight tripod for sony a7iii)

Amazon Basics 60 Inch: (best lightweight tripod for sony a7iii)

If you need a reliable and proven tripod, then this is the item for you. It will not disappoint and has been reliable over the years. For starters, it’s compatible with a wide variety of cameras and is not only limited to the A7 series alone.

To improve on stability which allows swivel motion and tilting, as well as the landscape and portrait options, this tripod is equipped with two built-in bubble view levels. This feature collaborates with a 3-way head to improve the stability offered.

For fast transition between shots, the device comes equipped with quick-release plates that allow the smooth operation of the tripod. It also supports a wide variety of cameras, including GoPro devices, giving you an option to choose whichever camera suits you.

In the case of heights, this device supports a maximum height of 40 inches, which is more than decent. If you want more height, you can crank up the center post, which gives you an additional 20 inches in height, bringing the total to 60 inches. The minimum height supported by this device is 20 inches.

The tripod comes equipped with non-slip rubber coating around the feet to give it more grip, especially when you’re shooting on wet surfaces. It’s very light, making it fantastic for anyone who prefers to shoot in multiple locations within a day, and it weighs only 3 pounds.

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  • It’s very light, making it easy to transport and store
  • It comes with a carry bag
  • You can adjust the height to suit your specific needs
  • It supports 6.6 pounds
  • It supports smartphones through an adaptor that you buy separately
  • The support weight could be improved even though it can support a majority of cameras

Things to Consider Before Buying: (Buyers Guide)

1. Best Tripods for Sony A7iii & A7riii

When in the market to buy the best tripod for Sony A7iii and A7riii, there are critical details that you must keep in mind. Not only will they make it easy for you to find the right tripod for your camera, but they will also help to cut the time you’ll spend researching on all tripods by half. You must look at certain features that your ideal tripod should possess and will make your photography work easier.

These features will also help to eliminate undesirable products and let you focus on only the best in the market. It’s critical to look for the following:

Ball head: Choose a ball head that offers both flexibility and stability when you’re taking photos. Since there are many types of ball heads, make sure you choose one that offers more to your A7iii and A7riii camera.

Devices supported: The last thing you need is a tripod that is only limited to one type of camera. When this happens, you’ll be forced to buy another tripod to support every new camera you choose to use. Choosing a tripod that supports a lot of cameras will eliminate this problem, and you won’t be required to buy a new tripod.

The maximum height: An adjustable tripod is preferred due to the ability to change the height as you see fit. Choose a tripod that allows you at least 40 inches of maximum height without including a central column. This height is more than enough for anyone shooting outdoors. When you add the height of the central column, you should have at least 60 inches of height.

Stability: A tripod should be as stable as possible to allow you to take clear photos with few restrictions and destructions. The stability is offered by the sturdy support offered by the feet of the tripod. The best tripod should be made of aluminum alloy, which has been proven to last longer, withstand any weather condition, and be strong enough to handle the weight of the camera.

Maximum support weight: Cameras come weighing differently, with some weighing more than others. For this reason, make sure you only consider tripods that can handle at least 8 pounds of weight. Since a majority of Sony A7iii and A7riii weigh between 1.4 to 2.5 pounds, you should choose a tripod that supports a minimum of 7 pounds in weight.

Anti-slip capabilities: It’s hard to take photos with your camera mounted on a tripod that keeps slipping, especially when shooting on a slippery surface. This problem is commonly experienced during winter when the ice turns the surfaces very wet. If you take most of your photos outdoors in the wild, then you understand how frustrating such a problem could be since most of the rocks are very slippery. For this reason, choose a tripod that has rubber coatings at the base of the feet to offer more grip. This way, you’ll be able to plant a tripod on any surface without worrying about dropping the camera once the tripod slips.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

2. Best Tripods for Sony A7iii & A7riii

How do you put a camera on a tripod?

Many cameras come equipped with a tripod mount, which is a small hole at the bottom of the camera. To put a camera on a tripod, first, prepare the tripod by removing the camera plate from the tripod. You can do this by sliding it towards you.

Screw the camera to the camera plate and tighten it to make sure it doesn’t fall off. Slide back the camera plate that has been attached to the camera, back to the tripod. You’re now ready to use the camera on a tripod.

How do camera tripods work?

Tripods are supposed to support the cameras and offer stability when shooting. It helps to hold the camera steadily and is mainly preferred by people who use their cameras outdoors. A tripod can also be used to hold different devices such as a smartphone and binoculars.

How can I stabilize my camera without a tripod?

Even though a tripod is preferred to stabilize a camera, in its absence, you still hold it in place if you use several methods. The first method is to find a place to support your back and spread your back. This method is mainly preferred when shooting in the wild, where you can lean on a tree.

Another option is to place your camera on a flat but elevated surface such as a flat rock. In case the rocks are not flat enough, you can try placing a flat piece of wood or a hard-cover book and balance it with small rocks. In short, you can balance your camera easily by finding an elevated surface.

Does a tripod work for any camera?

Yes, tripods can work with any modern camera, as long as it has a tripod mount underneath them. Since many tripods have exchangeable heads, you can easily swap them and choose ahead what works for your camera.

When should you use a tripod for taking pictures?

A tripod is preferred as it helps to hold the camera steadily in place with zero vibrations and movements. As a result, you get clear pictures that are free from distortion and are not blurred. The best time to use a tripod is when you’re taking pictures outdoors, taking pictures professionally, or when you’re waiting for an event to occur, such as in a jungle where you’re waiting for the animals to pass through.

A tripod will come in handy as it will take off the weight of holding the camera for long hours. A tripod is also preferred when you’re taking static photos, but it’s not perfect for taking moving pictures.


A tripod is a very important accessory for any photographer. It helps to hold your camera in place and can even help you take crystal clear photos even in low-lit rooms. A tripod helps to stabilize the camera with zero vibrations and movement, which allows you to capture all the crucial details in the scene without compromising on the quality. Make sure you choose a tripod that works well with your camera, and in case you have different cameras, choose one that allows the head to be replaced.

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