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If you own a smartphone or a tablet, you probably have a memory card to use your device with. Even when used with an SD-compatible device, sometimes you get an error after inserting the memory card in your device, or it gets locked for several reasons. Your SD card can lock due to the lock switch, but at other times the reasons for this aren’t known, which is why it’s vital to learn how to unlock a memory card in case you’re faced with a similar problem in the future.

If you are using a smartphone and your SD card gets locked, you cannot view, edit, or even store files on the card, so you need to unlock it. To open an SD card, you can start by checking the lock knob position first or use CMD to get rid of digital write protection. Alternatively, you can use your set passwords for unlocking SD cards. After unlocking your memory card, recover the files and pictures in your SD card. A data recovery software like Ease US software can help in easy and quick data recovery.

Unlocking a locked memory card

If you have locked your SD card and aren’t able to modify your files, do not worry, there are solutions to help you unlock your memory card in a few simple steps. A locked SD card makes it impossible to access and modify files on it, in which case you see all types of errors on a memory card, or it becomes a read-only SD card. There are different reasons why an SD card locks, all of which have different ways of resolving to unlock.

Manual unlocking of the SD card using the switcher

If your memory card has physical write protection, this is the best way to remove the error.  The modern SD cards are made with a lock switch on the left, which is essential for write protection. This switch can be easily turned on by sliding it down, and when the control is on, you can’t modify or delete the data stored on the SD card. You can view these files, but you can’t take any further action or activity. As much as this feature is an outstanding facility, it can be troublesome if you don’t know how to unlock the card.

To unlock a micro-SD card, it’s necessary to eject it from the device for visual inspection as it might be locked using a unique lever located on the flash drive’s side. In this case, to unlock a memory card, move it in the opposite direction and check to see if it is fixed. The lever can get weak when installing the flash drive in the device and accidentally blocks it. A loose switch moves easily, making it possible for it to alter the SD card to the locked position, in which case it needs a replacement. To unlock the memory card in this situation, you need to take the SD card to be repaired or changed, but you can call the manufacturer’s service for assistance if it’s still under contract time.

Unlocking an SD card with CMD

If the memory card is locked by digital protection, you can unlock it by removing the memory card’s write protection using CMD. When removing the write protection on the SD card to unlock the card, use a few simple commands, and you can select your most convenient method of opening the command line with privileges. After this, you type in the sequence disk part, then Enter: List disk, then Enter: select disk 1, then press Enter again. Since Disk 1 refers to a number, you’re required to select your memory card’s disk number, your attributes disk clear read-only, and then Enter. This process is meant to get rid of protection, but you can restart the computer before checking the SD card to be sure.

If you are not proficient in computing management, use the CMD alternative instead of the unfamiliar command lines. Some stools help resolve write-protection problems on devices’ hard drives, SD cards, and USBs, such as EaseUS Tools M. This practical tool helps fix your computer, and it’s a great safe and light-weighted alternative to the CMD.

Removing digital protection on a computer device

If the file you want to edit, modify, or delete has read-only properties, it can be quite challenging for you to make changes and write into.  When using a Mac device, you can easily resolve this by un-checking the read-only property implicitly.

You can right-click on a file on the memory card, then select the “Get Info” option and look under Sharing and Permissions to find the “Read Only” under privilege. Press on the lock icon and key in the administrator password for the settings to be unlocked, then click on “Read Only” to change it to “Read and Write.”

Unlocking a memory card with a password

If you want to decrypt an SD card that has been locked using a password, the best method is decryption. If you locked the SD card using an Android phone, the only way to get the data is decryption. In case you use a decryption tool that is a third party for setting the password of the card, you can easily use a password to decrypt the tool. For example, if the locked device is a smartphone, insert the memory card into the initial phone, then restart it. Then go to settings to the Lock and Screen Security option. Scroll down to the Decrypt your card option, then key in your password to start the decryption procedure.

Recovering lost files and image data from a locked SD card

After unlocking your memory card, it is effortless to recover your files and images using either an Android phone, a Mac, or a Windows Computer. Data recovery software such as Ease US. If you want to recover data from a Mac, Ease US Data Recovery Wizard for Mac helps in professional and effective recovery of lost documents, applications, images, videos, and audio files, and most storage devices are compatible with this software can be used to remove or disable the write protection on the SD card in windows computers. Ease US Mob Saver for Android is used in the recovery of lost data from Android phone’s SD cards. This app is launched on your mobile device, and choose the SD card option. Then begin scanning for lost video and photos after setting preferences for the software to display certain file sizes and formats. After scanning, click on Recover, then click on the eye icon where the recovered images and videos are stored.

It is imperative to always unlock your memory card before ejecting it from your devices to recover data.  The above methods will help to unlock; then, you can use reliable software to restore your data. At times the SD card may completely fail to unlock, in which case it is advisable to have a data backup in advance.

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