How to Use a PS4 Camera on PC (Complete Guide)

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Many people have started streaming with the latest Play station PS4 camera. If you consider adding a feature to your console for facial recognition or simply want to voice chat with your friends online, you will require a PS4 camera. A PS4 camera might be challenging to use on a PC if you are new to it, but it isn’t impossible. The experience of game streaming, video calls, and web-chats is improved with the PS4 compatible camera, which allows you to stream, gameplay, and use any services in the XSplit Broadcaster.

With this camera, you can stream some of the latest video games or explore other things in the world of virtual reality. You can also command your console with a camera or a webcam that is compatible with your PS4. If you are wondering then how to use a PS4 Camera on a PC, this article will guide you on the procedure and setting. In addition to your camera, you require a PlayStation 4 console that runs a PS4 OS v2.00 and above and a Sony Entertainment Network account. As long as you have installed the PS4 camera software on your PC or windows computer, the rest is easy to follow.

Sony PlayStation 4 Camera

What is a PlayStation 4 Camera?

A PS4 or the PlayStation camera is a product of Sony Computer Entertainment as a camera accessory for the PlayStation 4 and 5. It is also a motion sensor and a successor to the PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Eye. This sophisticated motion camera was launched in November 2013, featuring a dual-camera configuration. It has two f/2 lenses, where one lens is used for motion tracking and the other for recording. The dual-camera setup allows you to operate the camera in different modes depending on your target.

The PlayStation 4 camera can be used with the Mac OS X, PS4, Xbox One, some Freeware apps, and most Windows 10 streaming and gaming software. This camera is also compatible with PC webcams for the recording of social media messages and video chats. A PS4 camera is ideal for gameplay using programs like XSplit Broadcaster and StreamLabs.

For this effect, this camera has a 4-channel array of microphones built into it to reduce most of the background noise. The technology used makes it possible for this feature to understand and function on basic commands. This four-channel microphone array records video in YUV and RAW formats and connects the console through its particular spot.

Using PS4 Camera on PC

A PS4 camera is a small unit, and it fits well into the majority of TV set-ups. It comes with a stand that can be used for adjusting the camera’s angle, a decent device with two cameras with a 1280*800 resolution each. This camera captures a frame rate of 240FPS maximum, as long as you have a proprietary cable to connect to a port at the console’s back.

Find the 3.0 Port of your PC

First, you need to use an AUX port to plug the PS4 camera into the console and then place the camera at the most suitable spot, depending on your preference and a leveled surface for stability. Sing a USB adapter; the PS4 camera can be connected to that USB port, as long as it is strictly 3.0, not a 2.o port. The camera should be set well in front of your face and twist the camera body if you need to adjust it.  There is a systematic way to install PS4 Cameras on PCs, which involves step-by-step windows setting information of PlayStation 4 cameras on windows computers.

Assuming you are using Windows 10 on a desktop or a laptop, this procedure works well when connecting a PlayStation 4 to a PC. After connecting the PS4 camera to a USB 3 port, an audio notification alerts you of connection to a new device.

Sony PlayStation 4 Camera

Configuring via Device Manager

To configure via Device Manager, Press (Win+ R) to prompt up a command to run, type “devmgmt. MSC” to launch. Alternatively, go to Device Manager, under Other Device port, click USB Boot by Clicking on the Start Menu on your Windows PC, and type on “Device Manager.” If you don’t have the required windows driver, download it to get the PS4 camera functioning.

Open a new folder at a location you prefer

After you have downloaded, you can extract the files into a PS4 camera Driver then run to install. Open a new folder at a preferable location and rename it relating to your PS4 camera. Once you have successfully gone through the installation program and clicked to finish, go back to the Device Manager and check whether the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Boot appears under the USB Devices.

Downloading installation files

The next step is installing the files required, such as libusbK if you prefer your package. If you don’t prefer your package, you extracted the downloaded file into the folder run OrbisEyeCameraFirmWareLoader.exe. After downloading and setting up all Installation files, check if your windows have an X64 bit working frame depending on your preference. If this is the case, download the X64 bit and decide whether to set up LibusbK or the OrbisEyeCam Driver.

Installation of the river by libusbK, or installation of the Driver OrbisEyeCam

In the camera section under the Device Manager, you should see the USB Camera-OV58o appearing. You can now test to ascertain that the PS4 camera functions well using any camera app compatible with a webcam in windows.

The next step is to load Firmware and run the software required for installation, the OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe located in the master bin folder. You can now test your PlayStation 4 Camera by running it on your PC Windows 10 webcam or any other compatible apps. Your camera should run effectively, which means that you have a successful setup. Should the above not work, you should consult a professional with technical knowledge and expertise in the PS4 camera. After finishing the set-up and installation, go to the Start Menu to find the camera app, then click on “Allow to use Camera” to start using.

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