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How to Choose a Speedlite for Canon?

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A Speedlite, also is known as the on-camera flash or Speedlight, is one of the most important accessories that every person who loves photographing must have. The main purpose of Speedlite is to provide more light whenever the background on which you are taking photographs becomes dark.

For this reason, even when it is dark, and you require taking photographs with your canon, it will be easier, and also the Speedlite provides balanced exposure when there is a lot of light, especially during the day. For this reason, even if you are using other sources of light, the Speedlite can control them.

When you are buying a canon Speedlite, you must be very keen to ensure that whatever you buy fits your needs. For this reason, you must ensure that you have well researched the important factors or features that you should look for are the Speedlite that you ought to buy for your canon.

The following article is about how to choose a Speedlite for your canon.

Image 1: Speedlite for canon

Speedlite Modes of Operation

When it comes to choosing a Speedlite for your canon, you must ensure that you check on the mode of operation of that Speedlite.

This is because there are Speedlite that can be operated in different modes, yet you have the chance to select the type of operation mode that suits you. The mode of the Speedlite works by determining how the brightness needs to be set.

The following are some of the operational modes of the canon Speedlite:

Automatic mode

One of the modes of operation of the Speedlite you choose for your canon is the automatic mode. In this mode, the Speedlite and the camera determine the amount of flash power that is required and also sets the brightness.

Manual mode

The other mode of operation of the Speedlite of canon that you need to consider is the manually operated speedlites. Most of the canon speedlites are manually operated, and hence you will require to control the brightness or the flash power. This kind of speedlites is perfect whenever you are taking photographs or videos of portrait pictures and inanimate objects.

Group mode

The other mode of operation is the group mode operation. The group mode of operation enables you to control both the automatic and manually operated speedlites.

Flash power

The flashes in different Speedlite for canons have different power. There are canon speedlites that have less power than the others. This is why you will need to check on the power that the Speedlite has before you buy the Canon Speedlite.

The power of the flash will determine the distance that the canon can cover. For this reason, you must ensure that you buy a Speedlite that can cover more, meaning that it needs to have much flash power.

Speedlite brands

The other important thing that you must consider is the brand of Speedlite you want to purchase. This is because there are so many brands of Speedlite that you could consider buying for your canon camera.

In case you are not purchasing the Speedlite from a Canon shop, ensure that you check keenly on the brand of the Speedlite. This is because there are brands of speedlites that are similar to canon speedlites but are not the original brands of these canon speedlites.

Image 2: Speedlite for canon

Speedlite durability

One of the worst things that you would do is invest in speedlites for canons that will not last for a long time. You must be sure of the actual time that you can use the Speedlite before purchasing it.

This is because some speedlites will have a short flash life, while others will last longer. This is why you need to research the longevity of the Speedlite and also the length of time you could use it.

Speedlite flexibility

Some speedlites cannot since they are fixed in nature. You must ensure that you find out whether the Speedlite you are buying is flexible so that its head can be tilted, turned to any angle, or moved from one position to the other. The Speedlite that you choose must be flexible.

Speedlite recycle time

Some photographers take different images at the same time. When taking these photographs, there is a period the Speedlite takes to shoot one image and the other. This period is called recycle time.

You must always ensure that you research the recycle time of the Speedlite that you buy for your canon. When you are purchasing the canon Speedlite, you will be told of its recycle time, which is always measured in seconds.

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